Happiness equals reality  
plus expectations

existing just below the threshold of consciousness

I'm here to help you gain unwavering clarity on how to overcome stress and the struggles at work, at home, and beyond. To build confidence and conquer fears, so you can take action right now and start living and loving life to the fullest on your own terms. To discover what you really want to do in life and become whom you really want to be. Even when life feels overwhelming and impossible. Don't give up!  !There is a solution and you'll find it right here!

Have you ever struggled with; 

  • ​Your career, that work-life balance thing
  • Your finances, those that keep you up all night
  • That relationship that you know just isn’t right
  • The nagging health issues that keep you down
  • Finding happiness on a continuous basis

Yeah me too! 

All my struggles let to over 10 years of research along with a trial by error system that eventually became the Happiness Breakout that was the solution I’d been seeking. Now you can enjoy the same results as I have and live a happy fulfilled life beginning right now.

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I was frustrated with my lack of professional progression.I seemed like no mater what I did I wasn't advancing in my skills. I thought I had hit the ceiling of my writing abilities. After taking the  course the whole way I looked at writing transformed. My writing process was streamlined. But not just that, my writing actually got significantly better.

Anna Olson 

New Media Writer

I had been out of the industry for a few years and wanted to strengthen my writing skills. The real world practical exercises really helped me re-integrate into the news writing world. After having one of my articles published in ClickJournal's Magazine I got my first job!

Julian Moore

Affiliate Press Writer

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