“I‘m trying to make a living writing. But it just doesn’t work.” by Tim Rittig with Pappi’s Comment

Hello, folks, this is a comment made on an article about a young man having issues with making money freelance writing. His article is pretty good and depicts what many are feeling in the freelance writing world.


You may get some golden nuggets from his article and the comments at the end. Hope you enjoy.


Tim’s Story

So, I am 26 years old. I have been blogging for about 5 years now. For the most part, I was blogging on my own website. Seven months ago, I have made the shift to Medium.

I’ve also never done this (completely) full-time. During all of those five years, I have been studying (and still am writing my MA thesis). Plus, I’ve worked on all kinds of other projects and jobs during that time.

But then, eight or nine months ago, something changed completely in my life.

My father passed away unexpectedly.

This led to a big creative shift in my life.

Whereas previously, my goal had been to become the world’s best writer on intercultural communication I was now no longer willing to make the sacrifices necessary for that.

Why? Because that path has led me to move to three different foreign countries over the past seven years. All the while, I rarely met my family (including my father).

My father’s death essentially made me realize, that I am not willing to be far away from my family on a permanent basis.

But it also put me under enormous pressure.

Whereas previously, I had always been partially supported by my parents, I now had to figure out a way of making a complete living quickly.

At the time, I had also gone into a serious relationship. And considering that we wanted to move to Germany to be closer to my family (where she’d first have to finish her studies), I would now have to provide a complete income for two people. Not just for myself.

So, I made a decision, that is probably quite foolish.

Read the rest of Tim’s Story Click Here


Pappi’s comment to Tim Rettig’s Issue On Making Money At A Freelance Career Writing


WOW, Tim not too sure about all that’s being put out here it’s a bit puzzling to me.


Quality, evolving book on overcoming struggles to be successful by an individual who personally is admitting they don’t want to make money but in one avenue of writing???


That’s throwing a red flag up to me. Why would I buy a book on overcoming struggles from a person who can’t seem to get their own act together who aren’t making money yet and who is struggling?


Don’t get me wrong here your goal is admirable but you talk about the shitty content on the internet and you want quality work to evolve — who’s definition of quality are you going by?


You have a few commenters here who talk about the shitty content out there as well and you folks are right, 97% of the content is crap but there’s that 3% that’s great meeting a need or solving a problem helping people all over the world.


So, when you speak of quality I’d be careful not to offend others.


I do have a pretty good suggestion for you that will showcase your quality work, let it evolve to its perfection, and make enough money to live on all at the same time if it’s the quality you say it is.


But first, you have to read the rest of my shitty comment 🙂


First, you mention you have 1000 followers but only 20 to 30 are engaged with your writing.


People follow others because they like what they read and believe they’ll get something from following.


They have a need or issue they think that you will resolve and if you have 1k and only 30 engaged, Red Flag, your quality may not be as great as you think or the audience you’re trying to reach is too broad. Narrow your niche, every writer who has written great work didn’t write it for the whole world to read.


Then there’s your viewpoint on failure?


You’re right a failure is just a setback that we can learn valuable information from if we act upon it but to have the mindset that you believe to accomplish anything you must have setbacks and failure, Red Flag.


It’s proven by neuroscience and positive psychology if your thoughts are mainly on the negative side that’s exactly what you’ll continue to get and if you think on the positive that’s what you’ll get. It’s all a mind game, Tim. I’d do some adjustment on that one for sure.


Before I get to my suggestion on how you can make money on your evolving book I have one last thing to share.


Tim, you’re living in the past, the future, and you’re a little overwhelmed by your situation by what you’ve written here Red Flag.


You really need to focus on the present, I don’t mean this week or today, I mean this moment right now because it’s all you have. The past is gone forever never to return and the future, well it hasn’t arrived.


A suggestion that will helpCutting-Edge Neuroscience has proven without a doubt that finding happiness in one’s life will increase efficiency, resilience, creativity, and productivity, which drives performance upward in one’s work or business.


This discovery has been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies and in Shawn Achor’s work and research on 1,600 Harvard students and dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


In his book, you will learn not only why the Happiness Advantage is so powerful, but how you can use it on a daily basis to increase your success at work or in your business.


This is not an affiliate link, but I would suggest you read it, I know it will help you.


Now to my suggestion on making money now as you are writing your book.


Use a subscription model, you have already written a lot of your book and if it’s of the quality you say there will be no problem breaking it into sections that you can offer to the public at $7 to $9 a month to gain access.


Then as you continue to write add those sections for your subscribers to read. You’ll get a few positive results here.

  1. You have 1000 followers now if only 500 subscribed at $9 that’s $4500/mo.

  2. You’ll find out just how good your writing is and if the public like it or not

  3. You’ll have a ready-made fan base to buy the book upon you completing it


If you’re not sure about setting up a subscription platform I’d suggest reading – The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry by John Warrillow (Author)this is not an affiliate link.


Well, Tim, there you have my 2 cents of crappy content on your issue with making money freelance writing and by the way, I really like what you’re doing.


You’ll make it because of the persistence and determination you have, so wake up and unleash the sleeping giant within you and become the CHAMPION WRITER you are meant to be.


All I have left to say is Smile Be Happy and start living and loving life to the fullest on your own terms. Happiness and success are in your hands!






Happy Life Formula for Starting Your Day off with a Bang!

the 7 must do morning actions for waking up at 5 am


You wake up every day wanting a happy life to be in your future but instead, you decide to be miserable, yes you do!


If you haven’t made a conscious decision that you will be happy and productive that day your decision on how your day will start and turnout was made by default from your subconscious to be miserable or at least discontent during the day.


The conscious decision maker sleeps while you sleep but the subconscious is 24/7 screaming in your head all night long usually about finances but now that side hustle you so desperately want to embark on is adding to the anxiety.


That’s how your day will start out, being negative about freelancing and living your dreams, if you don’t take action and make a conscious decision first thing when you awaken.


Your last night’s nightmares become your default for the day, you start living them all over again, that’s the Law Of Attraction at work.


I repeat, when you and the conscious mind awaken unless right then and there you decide what kind of day you’ll have; happy, glad, sad, or mad it all falls to default, which in most individual’s lives is a Negative Default!


Make a Choice Decide To Be Happy And Crush The Negative Defaults In Your Life…


“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”  Elon Musk


So, what kind of routine should you create for your eye-opening conscious awakening morning? The best I can give you is what has worked for me over the years since I incorporated it into my life.


Since I created this formula there have been many people in the states and around the world who have persevered in stressful situations and issues using it. I believe this will give you the freelancer’s edge on starting a successful side hustle, no wait, let me restate that, “I know it will give you a tremendous winning edge.”


So, let’s get started!


Happy Days are here again and it all begins when those big beautiful sexy eyes of yours open and the conscious mind becomes aware of the world and its surroundings once again.



I’m a big believer that if you find happiness, then success will follow. Happiness encourages good life decisions, bolsters wonderful relationships, and opens up doors to great opportunities. If you’re searching for a little more positivity and success in your life, pursue happiness. – Richard Branson/Virgin


the 7 must do morning actions for waking up at 5 am


#1 Must Do: At that very moment the first thing you must do, no exceptions, the very first thing to do is wiggle your toes! You heard me right, I didn’t stutter.


This is a very crucial element to you get the cobwebs cleared out so that conscious mind can get on the right track of creating a happy life when it wakes up!


It’s a Do or Die situation or it should be because if you take off and start the day with those Nightmares you had last night you’ll just live that hell all over again during the day.


#2 MUST DO: Now that you’ve wiggled your toes, I guarantee until you get use to this you’ll feel a little or a whole lot of foolishness, childishness, and plain stupidity but the good from this is, no matter how bizarre it is, it will put a slight smile on your face.


Guess what the next step is?


You’re absolutely correct, put a smile on your face ear to ear, doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake your mind can’t tell the difference but your brain can tell the difference in your facial muscles forming upward for a smile or downward for a frown.


So, when facial muscles turn up your mind thinks it’s a smile, so it determines that you must be happy about something, so it releases happy chemicals in your brain that put your entire body on a high rush.


It is Numero Uno: The Number One all-time great that will trigger Happiness in your life and it’s FREE!


A smile triggers happiness in your brain and it goes ballistic pumping all these happy chemicals throughout your body.


The feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin are all released at once every time you smile creating that happy life feeling.


It’s like getting a tranquilizing massage along with a super shot of heart-pumping caffeine at the same time creating a massive orgasm throughout your entire body and it works every time.


It’s a wonder more people aren’t going around smiling when you get those kinds of results, oh well their loss.


I’ve been doing this for years now, getting Fired Up! in the morning living and loving life to the fullest each and every day. You really need to give it a try.


And it is the #2 must do on the list.


#3 MUST DO: Now that you’ve wiggled your toes and put that big ole smile on your face all you need to do now is talk out loud so you can hear yourself, “I’m Alive and Kickin.”


Plus, if you’re not a Southerner you can add a (g) to Kickin and say Kickingggg – I prefer Kickin but that’s up to you…


This heart-pumping statement solidifies the actions in the first two Must Do’s and really gets your confidence going in the right direction which is up instead of spiraling downward.


The three together in that order is the precursor for the next few steps that will open doors to a wonderful exhilarating chain of events that you’ve probably never encountered before.


It’s called getting Fired Up! about living and loving life to the fullest…


Ok, that’s all there is to do in the prone position. Now I want you to sit up on the side of the bed and stretch your arms upward a couple of times and take maybe 3 or 4 deep breathes exhaling slowly.


#4 MUST DO: While seated on the side of the bed you are about to make “The Most Important Decision You Will Make Today!!!!”


As you sit on the side of your bed you must make a choice just like you’ve been choosing every day of your entire life.


You do understand as soon as you open your eyes in the morning you decide to be happy, glad, sad, or mad to start your day, right?


The only difference today, instead of your subconscious mind making this choice it will be you conscious awakened fired up mind making that happy life decision.


You fired it up with that big ole smile you made releasing all 4 of those Happy Chemicals in your brain.


You have the choice to start today without any outside influences to be Happy – Glad – Sad – or Mad, now that you’re pumped up a bit.


So, choose HAPPY and when you do make another statement out loud, so you can hear yourself, “I choose to be happy today and no one or no situation I encounter today will steal my joy or happiness, I mean no one!!!”


Must Do #5 Your Declaration for Your Life Today


Here’s something that I’ve added to my personal happy life morning routine every morning that really gets me focused on the positive and I actually use it in my mindful meditation practice.


By meditating on the things that I want to get more clarity and understanding on in my life.


So, without further ado here’s it is, my morning declaration:


“I declare I am blessed with good health, a good family, good friends, and a long life.


“I declare I am blessed with promotion, with success, with an obedient heart, and with a positive outlook.


“I declare whatever I put my hands to will prosper and succeed. I will be blessed in the city and blessed in the field. I will be blessed when I go in and when I go out.


“I declare I will lend and not borrow, and I will be above and not beneath.


“I declare right now that every negative word, every curse that has ever been spoken over me, is broken in the name of Jesus.


“I declare the negative things that have been in my family even for generations will no longer have any effect on me.


“I declare that from this day forward I will experience a new sense of freedom, a new happiness, and a new fulfillment.


“I declare I am blessed!”


I believe in the spiritual realm things have been set into motion. Curses have been broken and blessings are on their way. Resource: I Declare, 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life



Individuals play with affirmations (I say play because it takes belief to manifest) for many different reasons. The gest of it is, to reprogram the subconscious mind that has been brainwashed with all the negativity throughout your life.

It’s to give us hope and encouragement to believe specific things about ourselves and the world we live in. Now, with the knowledge we’ve gained from research results of neuroscience, we understand that creating the reality we live in is possible and we’ve been doing it from birth.

We can manifest (or attract) whatever we want from wealth, love, beauty, and happiness.

According to Walter E. Jacobson M.D., there is a value we get from practicing these positive affirmations of word, music, and vision and our subconscious minds play a major role in the transformation and manifestation of our desires in life.

How your mind perceives and what it believes about yourself at a subconscious level can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of events in your life.

DECLARATION AFFIRMATION BENEFITS and how you live your life.




I really hate to admit it but I’ve never been a great fan of meditating but the continues research proving it produces fantastic benefits in just about every area of your life I had to give it a try.


And I expected I wasn’t real excited about the exercises, until I read where Seneca the Stoic Philosopher some 2500 years ago basically insinuated just sit, stand, lay, or get into any position you want and chill.


That doesn’t mean try and clear your mind like most meditation gurus tell you. It’s impossible to clear your mind when its taking in 11 million bits of information a second.




He says just chill out and let your mind pick what it wants or when you think of something right before you chill most likely that’s what it will begin focusing on.


So I decided to try a little experiment where I picked one of the elements in my daily declaration and tried meditating on it, first off it I declare I am blessed, so, I picked – I’m BLESSED and my mind focused on those two little words.


It was amazing what came to mind family, friends, life, nature, all these were blessings that I hadn’t thought about in years and here they were flooding my thoughts. After this 3 minute meditation and I’m probably stretching it a bit, I felt fantastic.


So, my mindful meditation morning practice had begun but it was after I found the best way to meditate for me. If you are like I was just, try it in different variation until you find what works for you is the best advice I can give.



MINDFULNESS MEDITATION BENEFITS and how you live your life.



Must Do #7 – If you’ve thought some of these sound downright childish and stupid well you’ll love this one. I take my energy medicine,


Energy Medicine Practice is one of the oldest forms of medication known to man, we are energy, right?


Science has proven the universe and everything in it is made up of pure energy and seeing we all are part of the universe I argue we are all energy beings.


With that said, what would be the perfect prescription to have an energy being to take? Well, energy medicine.


Believe it or not this medicine practice works and has for thousands of years. As the old saying goes, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


And when you try it you’ll be so pumped you’ll never leave it out of your morning routine. May the Energy Force Be With You!!!


Freelancers this one will give you an immediate energy boost especially if you’re frustrated, stressed, worried, or feeling somewhat fearful of the future.


I’m no expert so here’s Donna Eden one of the most knowledgeable Energy Medicine experts on the planet showing you this life-transforming practice.



This works for me and as I said earlier you can create or use any type of declaration and meditation that feels good for you. Use this one or try other options until it fits. Happiness and Success are in your hands!



Let’s get cranking for one fantastic day!!!


Freelance Careers: Are They Keys to Finding Happiness In One’s Life or Nightmares In Disguise?

So, are the mystical keys to finding happiness found in these popular life-changing work options designated as freelance careers?

Let’s delve into cutting-edge neuroscience research, ancient wisdom practices, and the ways of the world to answer the question.



Your Life Revealed In a Freelance Careers



The world has never been more prosperous, and yet we’ve never had so many discontented people, and it’s no surprise. Society trained us all for success in the industrial age, setting us up for failure in today’s chaotic golden age of technology. Is the freelance career the savior to breaking free from the rut of mediocrity to regain control  and finding happiness in our lives. – Pappi


Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone was “financially free”? We’d all be happy and content loving life, Right? 


“I’m doing this to live life on my own terms,”


Well, many advocates of starting one of the many freelance careers argue that: By being your own boss and running a business you’re passionate about will bring the results of finding happiness, quitting your job, having more leisure time, living where ever, and traveling the world when you desire.


That’s a mighty big promise to declare but does it hold true? We’re about to find out!


So, in this article, we’ll explore:

  • Who makes up the community taking advantage of these freelance careers?
  • How is the best way to read this article?
  • What, is the #1 area people get their feet wet in freelancing?
  • Be creative – productive & boost performance
  • A closely related platform to the #1 area of freelancing you may be interested in.
  • Making a freelance career decision plus a little history.
  • It all starts with the brain.
  • Our success formula is backward and broken
  • Troublesome issue exercise for greatness
  • First your brain – then your body
  • Happiness effects on your health
  • Conclusion: what all this means for you
  • How Can I Help You Today?


The Freelance Community:


This community in the U.S. alone which ranks 3rd makes up approximately 53 million freelancers. The top 6 countries leading in freelancers;

  1.  India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. the United States
  4. Pakistan
  5. Philippines
  6. the United Kingdom.

The five primary areas for freelancing and where most get their feet wet include * independent contractors making up (40%) of workers (freelancers) *moonlighters (27%) *diversified workers (18%) *temporary workers (10%) *freelance biz owners (5%)

The United States surveyed the country’s workforce concerning freelance careers and 80% of all workers (including full-time employees) said they would do work on the side if it came to them to earn extra money.

As far as which sex is more dominant in freelancing you will find that 71.1% of the freelance careers is comprised of women while men come in at 28.9%

The Freelance career isn’t a single age or generation it’s built around a wide variety of individuals ranging from the very young to the senior:

  • 12% are teenagers or in their 20s
  • 12% are in their 60s or older
  • 25% of this group range from 30 to 39 years old
  • 25% are in their 40s
  • 25% of the freelancers are in the 50s range

Conclusion: So, as you can see 75% of the freelancers seeking side hustles are between the ages of 30 and 59 which is comprised of 71.1% female but the teens and seniors aren’t trailing by much!


How do you want to read this article?


If you have a curiosity about Freelance Careers or the Key to Happiness –  creating a happier positive mindset:

  • Feel free to skim and learn whatever you like.


If you want to get a closer glimpse of what it would be like freelancing or how being happier can change every area of your life: 

  • You don’t need to know every detail about freelance careers. Just get a general idea.
  • And to get a better idea about the key to happiness and how it can change every area of your life watch the Shawn Achor video on TED Talks below in the section Retrain Your Brain.
  • Check out our advice at the end.


If you’re stuck in your side-hustle or business and need some relief during the day:


If you want proof before you decide on what direction to take, or interested in scientific data and such:

  • We’ve given you some “extra credit” material in blue boxes throughout.
  • Check out our advice for Freelancers/their side hustle plus the key to happiness at the end.


If you’re a freelancer interested in work/life balance and performance:

  • You’ll want to pay special attention to the sections on the key to happiness and how it benefits performance and health.
  • Check out our advice at the end.


Let’s look at #1 of the 5 get your feet wet primary areas of freelancing to see why it’s so popular.


40% – Independent Contractor


The most popular alternative to the 9 to 5 grind now days is the ever-growing popular independent contractor freelance.


Being able to have a business meeting in the conference room is old hat these days due to the fact that people located anywhere in the world can now use the technology of online tools to hold web-conferencing.


Just as if they were all sitting in the same room plus, it has opened a new era of the independent contractor freelance that is growing by leaps and bounds.


Most ICs have specialized skills but not a prerequisite and this form of work gives you the opportunity to work remotely in most cases. It allows you to work the hours you desire not to mention being selective about what you want to work on while taking on numerous projects at the same time without disruption.


The 9 to fivers rant about how they have more flexibility in their freelance than they ever did working a regular JOB.


So, what is an independent contractor? 


An IC acquires a temporary job/project from a client (business/individual) for an agreed price or hourly wage and when it’s completed so is their stint with the client. That is unless you’ve really impressed them by doing a fantastic job going above and beyond the average and they offer a new project which is not uncommon.


Businesses, corporations, and governments visualize contractors entirely different than they do their regular employees because the contractor owns their business which they have to supply their own benefits and pay their own taxes like any other business/corporation.


There’s one important element here you need to keep in mind when starting an IC business, set aside a portion of your fees to take care of taxes, health care, and retirement because the government will come calling later on if you don’t.


What benefits can you expect from being an independent contractor


Other than taxes and not having benefits, you’ll fine other advantages that being an independent contractor freelance career will offer:


Who’s the boss — you are self-employed, it is your business and you are solely responsible for its operation. But you get to pick who you work for, what you work on and how much you’ll negotiate to be paid.


Work-life balance — Seeing that the biggest majority of ICs work remotely they set their own hours and enjoy a more work-life balance that comes from being around family and friends during the day instead of negative disgruntled co-workers. Not to mention all the stress they avoid in the workplace.


Money, Money, Money — more can be earned by an independent contractor than was possible with their jobs in most cases. Maybe not in the beginning but after they have branded themselves and the reputation of their business grows. Which is a very important process of the occupation.


Making it all come together and work


Taking on the adventure of being an IC definitely has plenty of romance and appeal. But risk and uncertainty are always lurking around the corner, too. A weekly paycheck is never a guarantee, so having a consistent flow of work and prospective clients is a must, but that comes with experience


If you feel like this is something you want to try, then let’s get you off on the right foot with a few tips:


Planning what you’ll need to earn is a must — You can very easily get an idea of what your skills are worth by checking out sites likes Upworks, Elance, Location Rebel, Fiverr, and many others. Just Google Freelance Work!


Business set up — In most cases this is very simple just fined a client and start the project or work and after you get your feet wet then you can decide on your legal structure, registering with your state if need be , and maybe even consider getting business insurance if you like but not right in the beginning.


Work is everywhere — check out all the freelance websites, just Google anything to do with freelance work, freelancer, freelance jobs, freelance careers, and anything related. You never know where a big job could come from.


The cloud technology is a useful tool it’ll help you — after taking on work and new projects, cloud tools like the online document storage function, accounting software, plus the project management system can make things a whole lot easier in your life for sure.


It may be the right time in your life to take a shot at being your own boss and working as an independent contractor. You never know till you try it, could be the ticket to a better work-life balance and even higher income. Time will tell!


Be creative – productive & boost performance



This Could Be The Key To Changing Your Life



Summary of Happiness Advantage

Our most commonly held formula for success is broken.
Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard we will be more successful, and if we are more successful, then we’ll be happy. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, lose those five pounds, happiness will follow. But recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is actually backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.

When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. This isn’t just an empty mantra. This discovery has been repeatedly borne out by rigorous research in psychology and neuroscience, management studies, and the bottom lines of organizations around the globe.

In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, who spent over a decade living, researching, and lecturing at Harvard University, draws on his own research—including one of the largest studies of happiness and potential at Harvard and others at companies like UBS and KPMG—to fix this broken formula. Using stories and case studies from his work with thousands of Fortune 500 executives in 42 countries, Achor explains how we can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work.

Isolating seven practical, actionable principles that have been tried and tested everywhere from classrooms to boardrooms, stretching from Argentina to Zimbabwe, he shows us how we can capitalize on the Happiness Advantage to improve our performance and maximize our potential. Among the principles he outlines:

• The Tetris Effect: how to retrain our brains to spot patterns of possibility, so we can see—and seize—opportunities wherever we look.
• The Zorro Circle: how to channel our efforts on small, manageable goals, to gain the leverage to gradually conquer bigger and bigger ones.
• Social Investment: how to reap the dividends of investing in one of the greatest predictors of success and happiness—our social support network

A must-read for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity, The Happiness Advantage isn’t only about how to become happier at work. It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mindset to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives.


Contract employee closely related platform to the independent contractor you may be interested in as well.


The Contract Employee


A similar profession in this modern world of ours is the contract employee which is becoming more popular and a choice by many as is the independent contractor. It’s becoming more common that people would think because it showcases basically the same platform as being an employee but with more flexibility in having time off.


Companies are seeing the benefits as well due to the fact that they can pick and choose from the entry level to the highly specialized skilled workers to fill-in for specific projects and catch up when projects are delayed.


So, What Is A Contract Employee


The contract employee is an individual that is retained by a company for a preset time period, for a preset wage. But the employer doesn’t have the responsibility of furnishing the ordinary benefits of the company employee which include:

  • Taxes
  • Social security
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Health benefits
  • Sick leave
  • Vacation time
  • Retirement or profit sharing


Although many do take out taxes, social security, unemployment benefits, and health premiums from their weekly checks plus provide insurance of some nature for contractors that work a certain amount of hour during the year. Some offer some type of 401 K program as well but is not mandatory.


According to the IRS employers are responsible only to issue a form 1099 which is a widely used tax form today to the contract employees.


Overall Benefits of Hiring A Contract Employee


There are many highly beneficial reasons companies and large corporations are making this smart business move in hiring these contract employees which include:

  • They have the option of hiring these workers for short-term projects on as need type basis.
  • Fewer employer-paid benefits will lower company overhead cost drastically which is a huge benefit.
  • Plus, it gives companies the opportunity to find and hire highly skilled and qualified individuals for the specific projects.


Many contract employees work side-by-side with regular company employees but many work remotely in their homes which provides added savings from not having to furnish office space and equipment.


Hiring Contract Employees Does Have A Downside


Companies are definitely saving money by going this route but they may be losing any allegiance to the company that they may have otherwise had with a full-time employee.


Other possible downsides that may be encountered are:

  • The contract employee may not be available when the company is in need of them due to the fact that most have 3 or 4 different companies they will contract for trying to eliminate any dead time between those contracts. So, availability of the worker becomes an issue
  • In-house employees and contractors may have problems with teamwork and create a smooth working project because of the personalities involved. One is a dedicated workplace employee and contractor who will be leaving soon.
  • Also, in-house personnel has the opportunity and time to build a rapport with company clients and customers whereas a contractor is limited due to the short time they are on the project.
  • There’s a learning curve for every new employee which incurs low productivity as the newcomer learns the ropes but here again time makes this an issue with the contractor.


Even though contract employees should be able to go in and get things done immediately there is still a bit of downtime the company must be expecting before things start to progress forward. But it makes perfect sense to hire these contractors who have the specialized skill sets the company is looking for at the time.


For example, it makes no sense to hire someone full-time when all you need is an individual to get your social media platform setup and running so why not hire a contract employee to do the initial work and end the project when its set.


Also, they come in and help during seasonal periods when businesses are busier for retail stores and the likes. There are numerous reasons contractors are called to help a business out and that’s why the profession is escalating at such a rapid rate.


So, as you can see hiring contract employees is a smart beneficial move if planned and carried out properly.


No wonder it has become a preferred profession.


The contract employee is my preferred method of a side hustle as well and working as a freelancer. If you want to know more about my adventure just click here: My Story of Bankruptcy To Prosperity In A Freelance Career: How Hard Times With Company Doors Closing Leads To The Best Decision Ever Made


Begins with your freelance career decision.


If you’ve communicated with support at Location Rebel, you might have chatted with Liz. Aside from being an incredibly helpful and friendly individual on the other end of the reply,


Liz is also an awesome resource for both new and older members because she’s got an encyclopedic memory of everything. She’s a tireless advocate for a living your life on your own terms: pursuing happiness through freelancing.


Freelancing History


You’ve read or heard about King Arthur and the Round Table, right?


Well, believe it or not, that’s where the word freelance supposedly originated. Back in the days of the shining knight on his white horse who always at the last moment comes to the damsel in distress and rescues her.


In reality, freelancing was the hire of mercenaries who sold their skills and lance to the highest bidder for battle. Either to help protect a lord’s kingdom or to be on the other side and help another lord take over that lord’s kingdom.


Plain and simple they were “Hired Guns.”


Freelancer or freelancing today has a totally different mean, a person who is self-employed, and sell their skills and services by contract to different employers for a specified time period and amount of pay.


Usually under the umbrella of a business atmosphere like a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation



History tells us freelance actually derived from two words the first “free” which is a German word meaning “love” and “lance” which comes from the French meaning “launch or discharge with force.”

The first time the two words were used together according to Wikipedia Search Engine to describe something was attributed to Sir Walter Scott in 1819, in his book Ivanhoe. Which he writes of a feudal lord who refers to his paid army as ‘freelances’.

From this, we gained understand that the term free-lance was actually used to refer to Italian, German, and French mercenaries, who sold their skills of warfare and weapons (the lance) to the individual or individuals willing to pay their fee.

But there is some evidence that this was not the first time the word free-lance was used. According to Google Books Ngram viewer software, there was another book which is now unviewable, that was written in 1716.

Also, there ‘s another book in this database that mentions a mercenary, Hugh Miller, who was referred as a freelance, The Life and Times of Hugh Miller by Thomas N. Brown, written in 1809.

You can see the evidence if you become a freelancer you will be joining a very old and professional fraternity or sorority.

Why does knowing this matter?

Your brain takes every event coming through its 5 senses and labels it as positive, negative, or neutral and placing it with other data that has been labeled in the same category.

This history is positive data and will come to light when your mind gets you down with negatives thoughts during your freelance journey. Remembering that you are pursuing a historical positive worthwhile profession will not only build confidence but life your self-esteem to continue on no matter what befalls you.

Your mind plays games and every bit of positive information you can gain is vital to happiness and success in your life.

But there’s still the question, “even though happiness is proven to come from some external events like getting a raise, being promoted, or losing those unwanted pounds, this happiness is fleeting.

Like a puff of smoke its here one moment then, BAMM! it’s gone.

So we’re left with another mind-boggling question, “Is there such a thing as continuous happiness?”


It all starts with the brain


Making the big decision to start your very own freelance career is exciting, exhilarating, and scarier than crap to say the least. You are about to take an adventure that has the potential to change your life and the world around you.


Let the Newbie Freelancer be AWARE!


To begin this venture with the same old mindset you’ve been programmed with from birth may be your downfall before taking your first step.


Let me explain, you have been going to work every day performing the same old task that you’ve become bored and discontent with and is the main reason for you stepping out of your comfort zone to proceed ahead with your dream.


You are excited, to say the least, but you’re still strapped with that negative mindset of your workplace. You must be free from it or you’ll fall back to its influence once the new of your freelance adventure wears off.


A very common error here and why so many freelance and business ventures fail within the first year or so. It’s hard to change a mindset that has been playing the same old scenario for multiple years.


So, what must you do before or as soon as you begin? Start retraining your brain from a negative mindset to a positive one for success and overcoming the unexpected as well as the expected issues, frustrations, and anxiety that you will surely encounter on the way.


Ok, that’s great to know but how in the world can you do this?


The best place to start is by utilizing the key to happiness that neuroscience has proven by its research over the last several decades that is being used by fortune 500 corporations, famous entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, and every day freelancers like you and me.


I can write everything down for you right here but as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” if this is true then “a video is worth a million!”


Here’s Shawn Achor one of the leading world experts on happiness:


Our success formula is backward & broken


Shawn’s research on happiness made the cover of Harvard Business Review, his research and work on stress in partnership with Yale University at UBS was published in the The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and his PBS special has been seen by millions. Shawn has worked with over a third of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as the NFL, the NBA, the Pentagon and the White House. His talks have taken him to more than 50 countries, where he has spoken to CEOs in China, doctors in Dubai, schoolchildren in South Africa, and farmers in Zimbabwe.





That’s not all there is to it if you want to see some highly informative research on the matter just keep reading.



Rethinking Stress: The Role of Mindsets in Determining the Stress Response

This article describes 3 studies that explore the role of mindsets in the context of stress. In Study 1, we present data supporting the reliability and validity of an 8-item instrument, the Stress Mindset Measure (SMM), designed to assess the extent to which an individual believes that the effects of stress are either enhancing or debilitating.

In Study 2, we demonstrate that stress mindsets can be altered by watching short, multimedia film clips presenting factual information biased toward defining the nature of stress in 1 of 2 ways (stress-is-enhancing vs. stress-is-debilitating).

In Study 3, we demonstrate the effect of stress mindset on physiological and behavioral outcomes, showing that a stress-is-enhancing mindset is associated with moderate cortisol reactivity and a high desire for feedback under stress.

Together, these 3 studies suggest that stress mindset is a distinct and meaningful variable in determining the stress response.

The above information is taken from the original article

To read the complete report click here



Your journey will be much easier and prosperous if you learn the key to happiness before or as soon as you begin.


It’s not a prerequisite but you want every advantage you can have even a happy one in your arsenal to conquer and destroy those troublesome issues and problems when they raise their ugly heads up.


The troublesome issue you will face


One of those troublesome issues you’ll be facing that many have to contend with is thinking,“You Are Not Enough” feelings that you must prove yourself!


Knowing that you’re enough to conquer your quest and reach your goals is a very important factor and it all begins with do you love yourself? Loving yourself isn’t something kinky but a confidence builder and here are 3 scientifically proven exercises to accomplish this.


Exercise #1 – The person in the Mirror (creating self-love)


Stand in front of your mirror, now look directly into your eyes, and repeat to yourself out loud so you verbally hear yourself, “I LoveYou.” Do this as many times as feels necessary to you.
A good idea is to do this every day for a minumum of 21 days.


Exercise #2 – Self-Gratitude, What I Love About Myself (for Appreciating Yourself)


Here you want to think about a quality or something you did today that made you feel good about yourself, made you proud. Maybe no one acknowledged or told you they appreciated it but you know it was something to be proud of and you need to affirm it in your mind. Think of you as a human being and what values you possess that you can love.
  • Is it that unique style you possess and portray to the world?
  • Maybe it was that complex problem that cropped up at work that you solved.
  • Could it be the way you are with animals?
  • Or maybe that fantastic meal you fixed last night.
  • What about those dance moves you make on the dance floor?
It doesn’t matter you can come up with qualities that are big or small that make you proud to be the person you are, but you must target at least 3 to 5 every day. 
You want to practice this simple affirmation exercise in the morning or evening whichever suits you best for at least 21 straight days. It will help heal much of what bothers you that you really don’t understand in your life.


Exercise #3 – Become Present (to Remove Sudden Fear & Anxiety In Life)


This is really easy when you catch stress, worry, doubt, or anxiety creeping in your thoughts during the day. Simply pause for a couple of minutes and refocus on something. 
Most like focussing on the air as they inhale and exhale their breath but me I like focussing on something like my hand and how amazingly constructed it is or my fingerprints knowing that these are unique. I’m the only one on this planet that have these prints. 
Whatever you focus on it’ll only take 2 minutes or less for the negative thoughts to dissolve.  


You possess an extraordinary mind and you do not need external validation to achieve any of your goals or desires. You are at peace with yourself and are a fearless champion of life. Create your world and be happy!


First the brain, then the body


Happiness is the ‘GUARDIAN’ 


There was another group of people who became curious about happiness and health sometimes in the 1990s.


These folks were concerned about brain chemicals and longevity. They wanted to know if the chemicals released in the brain were the same that a doctor would prescribe for something like stress.


The answer was yes, not only the same but in a pure form. So, this tells us we have our very own local in-house pharmacy we can call on to get our prescriptions filled and administered within seconds. All we have to do is smile and be happy.


Plus, we don’t have to waste time getting there, waiting for hours for it to be filled, and then pay $100 a pill.


So, these health-conscious individuals, as well as individuals seeking to maximize lifespan and life quality, have rediscovered these old-school ancient practices and are wondering:


  • Can happiness help me perform better?
  • Can happiness help me live longer?
  • Can happiness help me look great on the beach?


Six ways happiness is fantastic for health 

1. Happiness protects your heart plain and simple


You’ll find happiness and love don’t really originate in the heart but that’s ok because they still have a profound effect on it by lowering its heart rate by some 6 beats per minute while lowing the blood presser as well. There are examples of 3 of the studies in the blue box below.


2. Happiness is the strength trainer for your immune system

Have you ever noticed how old or young grumpy people always seem to get sick all the time? Well, there’s no coincidence to it: Research has now discovered a link between happiness and having a stronger battle-tested immune system.


Happiness has been found to give that immune system army the encouragement and energy to set out on the task to destroy the negatives attacking your well being and they’re doing a pretty amazing job at it.


Well, maybe not an army but it does boost your immune system to a higher performance level which you can find more out about the studies being done in the blue box.


3. Happiness is combat-ready to battle all stress


Stress and anxiety are upsetting not only on a psychological level, but they trigger a lot of biological changes in individual’s hormones as well as blood pressure. Happiness seems to gag and muffle most of these effects creating an avenue to recover more quickly.


What’s even more amazing in the studies mentioned concerning the immune system above, researchers also found associations between happiness and stress. The happiest individuals had 23 percent lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than the least happy, and another indicator of stress—the level of a blood-clotting protein that increases after stress—was 12 times lower.


Happiness has also been found to produce benefits even when stress is inevitable. In this 2009 study, some diabolically cruel researchers who thought it would be fun and beneficial to the study to stress out psychology students and see how they reacted.


The students were put in soundproof chambers, first having to answer questions concerning whether they generally felt 10 feelings like enthusiasm or pride. Then they were subjected to their worst nightmare they could have ever imagined.


They had to answer an exceedingly difficult statistics question while being videotaped, they were informed that their professors would evaluate their response and grade them. Needless to say, throughout this process. The students understood their heart would be measured with an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine and a blood pressure monitor.


For research finding that hopefully would help in discovering methods to eliminate heart disease. But I’m sure knowing they were helping humanity didn’t easy the stress or pressure.


As the test concludes even though individuals are introduced to such harsh and brutal stress, the hearts of the happiest students recovered most quickly.


4. Happy people have fewer aches and pains


Unhappiness can literally be painful.


2005 study showed that incorporating positive happy emotions mitigates pain in the context of disease. Women with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain rated themselves weekly on positive emotions like enthusiasm, happy moments recalled, and inspiration for about a 90-day period. This study concluded the women who gave higher ratings overall were less likely to experience increases in aches and pains.


5. Happiness combats disease and disability


Happiness makes improvements in more severe, long-term ailments as well, not just the shorter-term aches and pains most seem to deal with.


This 2008 study of approximately 10,000 Australians, individuals who reported being happy and satisfied with their life, in general, most of the time were about 1.5 times less likely to have long-term health conditions (like chronic pain and serious vision problems) twenty-four months later.


6. Happiness adds time and lengthens our lives


In the finale, the greatest of all health indicator might be longevity—and here, especially, happiness comes into play.


In undoubtedly the most famous study of happiness and longevity.


Where it was found the life expectancy of Catholic nuns was definitely linked to the amount of positive and happy emotion they would express and visualize in an autobiographical essay they were required to write upon entering their convent some decades earlier, typically when they were in their 20s.


Researchers thoroughly searched meticulously through their writing samples for expressions of feelings like amusement, contentment, happiness, gratitude, and love. In the end, the happiest-seeming nuns lived a jaw-dropping 7-10 years longer than the least happy of the nuns.



Happiness has undeniably proven the positive effects it has on our health and bodies. So why more individuals aren’t seeking out and learning the ancient wisdom practices and cutting-edge neuroscience research results of the Lost Art of Happiness is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully, this information and research help you on your journey today.

Happiness is the guardian and protects your heart

The 3 studies on happiness and your heart 2005 paper and 2008 study and this 2010 study all give evidence on how happiness has a positive effect on the heart.

Happiness is the strength trainer for your immune system

Happiness boosts your immune system to a higher performance level which you can find more out about in these three studies starting with this 2003 experiment and this2006 study and lastly the earlier experiment on the subject of happiness and health.

Be happy and be healthier and learn how to live and love life to the fullest on your own terms starting right now.


What all this means for you, now


If you’re a “regular person” who wants to be happier and livelier full of enthusiasm but not thinking much about side hustling:


  • Enjoy reading about happiness/mindset if you like. Try it, if you’re curious. But you can be a happy fulfilled individual without it.
  • Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. (Except me Happi Pappi and this article, of course.) Remember that the plural of “personal life story” is not “scientific research data”. Be a critical reader and consumer. READER & CONSUMER BEWARE!


If you’re a wanna-be freelancer best to start working on your mindset now so you’ll have a jump on being happy and enthusiastic in the mornings to conquer issues that will inevitably pop-up: 


  • Know your body and how it functions top to bottom.Unless you understand how and why you react to situations adopting these exercises and strategies probably won’t improve your situation and end results much.
  • Don’t add stress. Start re-training your brain and becoming a happier person is a good stress, but still a stressor. Forgiving, being full of kindness to others, and trying to be grateful are also stressors but essential. Stress adds up.
  • Make learning the art of happiness your priority. If you’re a pessimistic individual or slightly in that direction right now, you’ll need a little more fuel and patience than the average person. Rather than taking and trying everything out at once incorporate one exercise, strategy, or practice until you feel confident with it then add more good stuff to it.


If you’re already a freelancer with a side hustle you’re a professional, it’s always a good idea to fine tune skills that increase productivity:


  • Understand the basics of how feelings, emotions, and thoughts create what your mind interprets and reacts the way it does when these three elements get to churning in the ole brain.
  • Know when, how, and for whom positive psychology might be appropriate. If in doubt, learn more from trusted medical and research sources (not an affiliate link) — which, again, does not include random people of the Internets.
  • Help the public understand as much as they need to in order to make the best-informed decision they can, with your guidance and information. Your clients and customers will always have questions. Prepare ahead of time with your answers the best you can it makes the journey a lot easier.
  • Stay within your scope of practice. Remember: Don’t insinuate your someone you’re not or you can perform in a way you can’t, it will come back to bite you in the butt at the most inappropriate time. Just be honest with customers, clients, and prospects!
  • When a happy positive mindset become a habit in your life it will become contagious to everyone you come in contact with. This includes clients and customers whos attitudes toward you will change. They will flock to you and your business just because of the feelings they get by talking and being around you. It’s a very productive habit to have in your arsenal.


If you have a specific question or issue concerning the Freelancer Side Hustle Mindset find a mentor or someone else that can help you with it:


  • Consult with me first. Discuss any research findings or potential mindset issues with someone who has taken some kind of training in the matter. Who, if they don’t know the answers can help you find them out for specific issues. That is unless they’re actual medical issues like being on medications and such. I’m no doctor.
  • Carefully monitor and track any modifications in your attitude and mindset. First, you want to stay safe; second, you want to know if what you’re doing is having any effect. So, decide how you’ll know if your happiness/mindset changes are “working”, and track those indicators closely. Notice how people react when you enter their space, a good indicator.
  • Consider finding a happiness/mindset coach. For this or any other life-changing modification, it helps to get some guidance.


Conclusion: more to this than you realized?

After reading this article, you might feel like the Freelancer Side Hustle Happiness/Mindset is more complex than you thought. I get it. In the age of 24/7 with the negative news, success guru podcasts, and the such it’s tough to get the real story.


The Question: Freelance Careers are they the key to happiness?

The Answer: Yes and No, a freelance career leads to happiness in a variety of ways, shapes, and forms in our everyday lives. Note, this is a fleeting happiness which is impossible to sustain continuously that is structured on external events.

Even though you cannot sustain happiness 24/7 you can 75% of the time in your everyday life. If you know and use the key to unlocking the lost art of happiness with ancient wisdom practices reborn and the cutting-edge neuroscience research results discovered through the tools provided by this golden age of technology.

So to be happy 75%of the time and reap its benefits you must step a little further out of your comfort zone and start living the life you were meant to be living.


I would love to have you bookmark the site and even join the Happiness Revolution where I’ll be sending out every two weeks or so new cutting-edge neuroscience research findings. Along with ancient wisdom practices uncovered that help us live a fantastic extraordinary life.


There’s a code to having an extraordinary mind and becoming an extraordinary individual that allows one to live and love life to the fullest on their own terms.


And I know you won’t want to miss out on that fantastic content that I’ll be sharing in the upcoming future.


All you have to do is request the free pdf. or just leave a comment or question below in the content form, whichever ways best for you work.


If you’d like to learn more about freelancing, happiness, and mindset, consider reaching out to me first.


How Can I Help You Today?

But I would like to first congratulate you on having the courage to step out from your comfort zone to take action and the first step towards your happy successful freelance career life.


Well, hope you’ve enjoyed Side Hustle Happiness so far and got some really good information to start creating the Happy Life you want.




Remember Happiness & Success Are In Your Hands, Not Some External Force, May The Happy Force Be With You!

Happi Pappi




I don’t post too much on FB, but I am feeling a bit stressed and uncertain (fear) after a meeting today and have the need to reach out for help!
To any of my former LVL II’s…. anyone (freelancers) interested in a few weeks of work in October??? Know you guys are stretch out as well but reach out to me if you think you could help!
This is an all too often occurrence in business today large and small.


When people get stressed that stress begins to create doubt, anxiety, and fear of one’s life no matter what the situation may be. That is unless you have a tool that will stop it dead in its tracks.


The best known time-tested proven method to stop stress, worry, anxiety, and fear on the spur of the moment in any given situation in life is to be present.

The Present Moment Quick Fixer-Upper Exercise


When you feel stressed, down and out just STOP and REFLECT on the present moment.


Focus your attention on something in front of you. Like a picture on your desk or a pot plant.


Focus on the leaves and the veins that run through them or if its a picture remember the wonderful moments that are attached to it.

My favorite is looking to the sky and picking a cloud and imagining what it looks like.


The other day I saw a cloud that looked to me as a ship sailing out of a harbor my thoughts were what’s its destination and who could be aboard this vessel.


This is one way to stop the stressful thoughts we all get, by focusing on something in the present that is right in front of you releases chemical in your brain that begins to calm you and give you a perspective you haven’t look at yet.


All you are doing is giving yourself the opportunity to see things the way they really are instead of basing them on past or future events.


So, be in the present moment and see what your world looks like from a calm collective viewpoint and most likely everything won’t appear so devastating, give it a try.


Focus on the present moment when stressed out. It works every time for a quick release of stress, anxiety, and fear!!!


You need to build a foundation so you don’t have to worry about these types of situation every day…

…your foundation builder







A freelance career will bring you face to face with every fear you’ve ever had: fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear that you’re not good enough. Fear is always part of the equation because freelance is a business of uncertainty. You overcome fear with the right stories: Bottom line, the stories you believe about yourself and your career win every time. Choose the right story, then take action. So, what story do you believe about yourself?


When navigating through the frightening unknown to freelance your career you’ll find all types of hideous creatures lurking behind every tree.



The most powerful one of all would be FEAR who attacks you from the inside. He slithers into your subconscious stirring up the most horrific scenarios that you can imagine, life or death and doesn’t let go until you challenge him with a proven deterrent.


So, how do you overcome this master of destruction long term? A wise choice would be to find a neutralizer you can count on and carry with you every step of the way.
The simplest of solutions are many times the most powerful…


There’s only one problem though sometimes a situation is so stressing you may need more inner power to overcome. “The Present Moment Quick Fixer-Upper” is for immediate relief but “The Person In The Mirror Exercise” is the foundation for overcoming fear the mind killer.


The Person In The Mirror Exercise  


Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror, nose a several inches away, relax, breathe focus on your chest rising and falling.


Step 2: Look into your eyes.  Helps if you focus on one.  Your left eye.  Don’t panic, it’s only you.  Relax.  Breathe slowly, naturally, until you develop a rhythm.


Step 3: Looking into your left eye, say, “I love myself.”
Whether you believe this at that moment or not isn’t important.
What’s important is you saying it to yourself, looking into your eyes, where there is no escape from the truth.
And ultimately, the truth is loving yourself.


Step 4: Repeat “I love myself” gently, pausing occasionally to watch your eyes.
When you’ve done this for a while and you feel like that’s enough for this session stop and smile.
Try to build up to five-minute sessions.


IMPORTANT: You want to say to yourself silently or out loud “I LOVE MYSELF” throughout the day and night as well to give strength to the exercise.


You’ve just communicated the truth to yourself in a deep, visceral way.  In a way, the mind cannot escape. It is hard to truly love if you don’t love yourself, first.


If anyone ever looked in your eyes, knowing that you loved them, this is what they saw.  Give yourself the same gift.


Now for a bonus, a video of Kama Ravikant the creator of the exercise.


The Person In The Mirror Exercise is not only great for overcoming stress, worries, and fear but builds confidence and your self-esteem in epic proportions.


There’s your 60-second Quest to Success Reflection




How to be Successful in a Freelance Career Using a Loser’s Advice

Can I tell you a secret, this is the way my life was before starting my freelance career?


I’m going to tell you my worst nightmare…


I open my eyes and realize I’m lying in a hospital bed but where I’m not really sure until I notice a plaque on the wall, I’m in a nursing home.


Then I start gasping for air and it all comes back to me, I’m sick and dying knowing that my time has come and any minute now I’ll be taking a journey into the great unknown.


My life will have passed…


Fear suddenly grips me, and I’m scared, really, really, really, scared because I find myself all alone in this moment of uncertainty, and oh my God, it really hurts…


Then the pain goes away. I wonder what’s happening as my entire body goes limp, I’m not gasping for air matter of fact I’m not breathing at all, the monitors beside my bed flatlined, telling the world the great and mighty Gregory L Henderson is gone.


A nurse walks into the room grabs my wrist and checks my pulse, looks at her watch and scribbles the time of my death on a form and pulls the sheet over my head and walks out.



As she gets back to her station she picks up the phone and calls the morgue.


A person from the morgue arrives a few days later to pick my body up, where I’m taken to the crematorium and cremated along with two other passed souls.


Who like me were so unimportant we don’t even get our own urn.


Here’s the worst part?


The next morning when the sun comes up individuals will be eating breakfast listing to the birds sing, going to work, holding meetings, enjoying life, and not one person notices I’m gone.


The great wheel of life goes on without a hitch, and for better or worse, Gregory L Henderson is forgotten in all the hustle and bustle. Goodbye cruel world, no one gave a crap about me after all.


Scary, isn’t it?


Just writing this down here gives me goosebumps and the willies.


It’s not just the creepy thought of dying, even though that’s a horrible life image. It’s the thought of being forgotten because nothing I did was eventful enough to catch someone’s eye and stick in their mind to remember me by.


That’s our primal instinct at work, reminding us of the need to be remembered. Our brain’s two main functions are 1) to reproduce and 2) make sure our DNA survives so we will not be forgotten, and something will be left behind for future generations.


We all want to put a dent in the world and leave a mark on the universe, that’s just how we’re wired. We want to say, “Look I was here.”


You know if we’re honest with ourselves that’s probably one of the biggest reasons so many individuals are going the freelance career path. Not just to make money and have more free time but because we’ve become robots in our careers and work. We’ve lost our true identity and we want it back.


We want to be known and remembered!


There’s nothing more gratifying and comforting than being recognized for the accomplishments we’ve made in our lives that have also made an impact on family, friends, and the world around us.



You could keel over tomorrow and die in your tracks, but your accomplishments made in a freelance career especially if you’re a writer will live forever inspiring generations to come.


Or that’s the general idea on the matter.


The only issue is most people don’t give a hoot about you, they’re too caught up in their own lives to pay much attention to your accomplishments and what you write about.


That’s why you need to be unforgettable in whatever freelance career you venture into and the only way to do that is trigger emotions in people’s lives, then you’ll become unforgettable.


Whether it’s in your writing or in a work environment, you must stir the emotions in others.


People must feel what you write if they don’t you’re writing to a fantasy audience that is only in your own mind. But if someone reads your words and can feel the pain, suffering, joy, happiness in what you write you’ll become unforgettable.


The same is true if your freelance career is in a workplace environment with other individuals you still must trigger emotions to be unforgettable.


For example; my own freelance career (nuclear technician contractor) was catapulted to new highs, more gigs, more money, and more meaningful relationships after years of working my butt off with little recognition.


Not because of what I was continually doing but because I discovered the keys to unlocking the invisible code everything in our world operates by.



There is an invisible set of rules and laws that govern all that you know and understand about the world you live in today: how you work and create an income, how you love and make love, how you raise your children, how you should spend your money, and even how you should define happiness and success in your life.


By re-evaluating my present beliefs concerning success and happiness I discovered the formula was backward. Success doesn’t create happiness, but it’s happiness that creates your success.


So, to test and prove this new theory of my belief I began my quest to learn the lost art of happiness.


After learning the art of happiness and applying the techniques from cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices for only a few short months I began to see amazing results.


Which has led to as I said before, doubling my gigs and income plus building more meaningful relationships in the workplace.


There are individuals on every gig I go on now, who I have never met, that come up to me and say, “Yea You’re Happi Pappi, I’ve Heard of You.”


I may not be unforgettable yet, but I definitely know for a fact now that I am making a positive impact on the people and the world around me.



How bout you, are you making an impact? You can be…


I See a Happiness Revolution on the Horizon…

Infographic- Ways to be Happy and Stop Negative Thoughts from Getting You Down

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Dumbledore/Lord of the Rings


Finding ways to be happy first begins with learning how to negotiate through all the negative thoughts slowing you down and running a 100 miles per hour in your mind disrupting your positive thinking and life.


And now that you’ve decided to take on the arduous task of setting up and taking action on that new venture of a freelancer side hustle you’ve just compounded worry, doubt, and fear that will need to be resolved.


Relax, you’ve got what it takes!!!


One of the big elements of the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction is to eliminate all the negatives forcing their way into your mindset.


Good luck with that!


Plus, it’s not a real good idea to eliminate them all because some help you to create a growth mindset that’ll boost creativity, resilience, problem-solving, productivity not to mention the health benefits.


Over the last decade, cutting-edge neuroscience research results and ancient wisdom practices, that have been used for some 2500 years by Stoic, Greek, and Religious Philosophers, are now proven to be the key to unlocking the mysteries of mind, body, and spirit.


Actually opening the door to the happy life that everyone seeks without accomplishing some external task.


It’s been proven that the only ways to be happy are through your own mind. It’s a Mind Game Plain and Simple.


Like any other game to be successful and become the CHAMPION, you must first know the rules and secondly, you have to know and use the winning strategies.


The only issue here is there are countless winning strategies and techniques one can use. So, which ones are best for you?


Well, to be honest, I really don’t know and you don’t know until you give them a shot but trying to gather all that information would take you months if not years.


But you need relief now, with all the compounding frustrations and anxiety over which direction to take in a side hustle. It’s never easy when making a decision, especially one as a freelancer. If you take the wrong path you could waste precious time and energy, not to mention money.


Here’s the good news you don’t have to worry about all that because finding proven methods, exercises, and practices to ease the issues getting you down and learning to be happier in the process have already been done for you in this fantastic infographic put out by Happify.


Look it over and try the different techniques and hang on to the ones that work and can the others. How sweet life can be!


A Mighty Useful Tool This Is!

InfoGraphic – How To Slow Down The Negative Thoughts & Be Happy



I would suggest printing this infographic and keeping it close by so that when you get stuck or one of those ugly negatives sticks its head up and tells you-you’re not good enough you can quickly pull out your ace in the hole and find a rebuttal to put it down.


I especially like the “The NEGATIVE KNOCKOUT GAME” where I write down on a piece of paper what’s causing the issue, look at it and say NO WAY, then wad it up and throw it in the can. BAMM! the issue is taken care of or most of the time that is.


If it’s still lingering around and is being a little pesky just ask it for the proof. To give you examples that proves the thought to be correct. It will come back with several but here you want to take each into consideration and analyze logically.


Example: If the thought is you’re not good enough, then ask why and if the comeback is you’re not educated enough, fine, think about it and you can come up with hundreds of logical arguments that education has nothing to do with it. Albert Einstein quit his formal education after the 3rd grade and he’s considered to have been a  genius, duh! Get my drift?


So go change your world and the world around you – you have the power…


Hope you liked what you found? I know I really did!


By adding these practices to your life you’ll find more happiness I’m sure but if you have any questions or comments or just want to chat let me know because they’re not the only ways to be happy for sure.




Happiness & Success Are In Your Hands!

Smile Be Happy.


Happiness Is a Mind Game

Like Any Other Game You Must Learn Rules & Strategies to Win Consistently


Are you an Online Gamer? Well, you just may want to try it out …


The other day while doing research for an online project I came across the #1 Online Play, the League of Legends.


What really caught my eye was how many people are playing online games like this.


The stats showed hundreds of millions of people play online, that the average age of the online gamer is 35+, and percent breakdown was men 50% to women 48% which leaves what 2% for all others.


As I continued to dig deeper into the subject I started sensing a correlation between these highly technical no doubt popular online fantasy games and the reality Mind Game to Happiness.


We all know everyone is seeking happiness in their lives and apparently, millions are finding it in these online games even though it may be for a fleeting moment when they destroy the enemy’s NEXUS and claim Victory.


But why would you spend so much time playing a game?


Statistics show:
• It’s a form of happiness and excitement no denying that
63% of parents say video games are a positive part of their child’s life.
• 59% of parents whose children are gamers play computer and video games with their children at least weekly
• Plus, the challenge of matching your wits to overcome your enemy and WIN


There it is the two biggest reasons for playing, the desire to be happy and the desire to be a winner.


The very elements we struggle to find in our real world can be manifested in our fantasy land.


What positives should you take from these online fantasy games you’re playing?


The intro to the game says it best, “Get ready for a fast-paced competitive online game that will test both your skill and mind.


Become a powerful Summoner and call forth brave Champions to fight on your behalf on the Fields of Justice.”


These fantasy games have rules and strategies you must learn and practice to be a winner and that’s where the similarities lye.


In your Mind Game to Happiness amazing enough has basically the same principles for winning.


Learn the laws, rules, strategies, and practice, practice, practice using them.


But that brings up a puzzling question, “Why don’t you use this knowledge you’ve learned to win fantasy games into your real life and win at being happy?”


You will say, “that’s fantasy you’re talking about reality, there’s a difference.”


I beg your pardon, there is no difference in your fantasy world and the real world except for how your mind perceives them to be.


You have proven without a doubt you have what it take to create continuous happiness in your life by showcasing your skills and mindset in these online fantasy games.


All that you need to do now is have the confidence and courage to break out of the comfort zone you now reside in and set yourself free of all the worry, doubt, and fear you have been living with up until now.


You have already entered the portal to happiness by reading this.


So, now you have a choice.


Either turn and run back to your comfort zone locking the door behind you or press forward and learn the laws, principles, strategies, and rules of happiness that will set you free forever.


Awaken the Champion within you and join me in the Portal to Happiness NOW!
Keep On Smiling,

How To Triumph Over Stress & Anxiety With A Simple Smile

Statistics show 54% of Americans working today are unhappy with their jobs, I wonder why?

If looks could kill, I’d be dead for sure…

I’m a contract worker, and I accepted a two-month job with a well know company some time back, but how was I to know I was walking into a rattlesnake pit.

The very first day I walked through the doors to the department, I knew something was amiss, the tension in that room was so high it made the hair on my arms raise up.

It felt like I’d just been electrocuted.

This was unbelievable, the entire day continued to make me feel like I had my finger stuck in a wall socket, I thought it would never end.

When I first start a new job, I always go around, and shake everyone’s hand, introducing myself.

There were 40 other workers in the department, and as I went around to greet each one, it was like I had leprosy.

Some just looked at me, turned around, and walked away without a word, some ignored me completely, but there were five that hesitantly shook my hand, and said hey.

Man, you talk about being a brutal beginning to starting a new job.

Who’s In Control Around Here Anyway…

As the day progressed I kept my ears open, and it wasn’t long before it was apparent, what the problem was.

Distrust and anger were running uncontrolled throughout the department. Each individual’s morale was at the bottom of the barrel with no hope for the future.

It had been 10 years since anyone had a raise, and the company management, instilled fear of losing one’s job to keep them in check.

And it was working, because times were hard, and good paying jobs even harder to find.

That day was so depressing because it was like 40 people had one mindset, pessimism.

I couldn’t believe people would work in such an atmosphere, something had to be done because I wasn’t subjecting myself to such gloom and doom pessimism.

That’s when it came to me, I’d been doing research on the topic of attitude, where all these experts continued to say that a simple smile was contagious, and could change anyone’s day.

Attitude Will Defuse A Time Bomb Every Time…

So if the problem is really out of your control, then take control of what you can.

And here is where I decided to take control and spread a little love. My intentions were to start a movement of the heart and mind.

Every morning whoever entered my space would be greeted with a handshake, a smile, and the phrase; “I’m Fired Up! About living and loving life to the fullest, how about you?”

These greetings would be filled with powerful enthusiasm and energy. No matter what obstacles or pessimism would be thrown back at me, I would stay calm and optimistic.

A Journey Always Begins With The First Step…

My experiment started the very next morning, and just as the first morning I had very different reactions, especially to the phrase I was using.

But I would not be discouraged or swayed from my mission of battling the pessimism running rampant throughout the department.

I continued this high-intensity greeting barge every day, and within a couple of weeks, I noticed a shift in attitudes of some of the other workers.

Some were actually walking up to me in the morning with their hands stuck out to greet me, and the first thing out of their mouth was, “you fired up today?”

Change Is The Light At The End Of The Tunnel…

The change in attitude with a spark of hope was set in motion, and over the next six weeks, the results were nothing less than spectacular.

You could still see the distrust towards the company and management were still very much alive, in the hearts of the workers, but they were beginning to regain their own hope for the future.

The final day of my work contract was here, and it was time for me to depart from the workforce once again, but this time it would be an emotional exodus that would leave me with a new found inner peace.

There were over 50 people gathered outside the department doors and with the 40 co-workers that made over 90 people who came to say goodbye that day.

They were all thanking me for the encouragement and optimism that I had given them in my daily actions during the time that I was there.

Many committed how they had learned how attitude and a positive outlook on living life to the fullest every day could help them cope with the daily struggles in life, not just at work.

So, when you find yourself in stressful and frustrating situations put a smile on your face and let its contagious characteristics do their magic…