How To Triumph Over Stress & Anxiety With A Simple Smile

Statistics show 54% of Americans working today are unhappy with their jobs, I wonder why?

If looks could kill, I’d be dead for sure…

I’m a contract worker, and I accepted a two-month job with a well know company some time back, but how was I to know I was walking into a rattlesnake pit.

The very first day I walked through the doors to the department, I knew something was amiss, the tension in that room was so high it made the hair on my arms raise up.

It felt like I’d just been electrocuted.

This was unbelievable, the entire day continued to make me feel like I had my finger stuck in a wall socket, I thought it would never end.

When I first start a new job, I always go around, and shake everyone’s hand, introducing myself.

There were 40 other workers in the department, and as I went around to greet each one, it was like I had leprosy.

Some just looked at me, turned around, and walked away without a word, some ignored me completely, but there were five that hesitantly shook my hand, and said hey.

Man, you talk about being a brutal beginning to starting a new job.

Who’s In Control Around Here Anyway…

As the day progressed I kept my ears open, and it wasn’t long before it was apparent, what the problem was.

Distrust and anger were running uncontrolled throughout the department. Each individual’s morale was at the bottom of the barrel with no hope for the future.

It had been 10 years since anyone had a raise, and the company management, instilled fear of losing one’s job to keep them in check.

And it was working, because times were hard, and good paying jobs even harder to find.

That day was so depressing because it was like 40 people had one mindset, pessimism.

I couldn’t believe people would work in such an atmosphere, something had to be done because I wasn’t subjecting myself to such gloom and doom pessimism.

That’s when it came to me, I’d been doing research on the topic of attitude, where all these experts continued to say that a simple smile was contagious, and could change anyone’s day.

Attitude Will Defuse A Time Bomb Every Time…

So if the problem is really out of your control, then take control of what you can.

And here is where I decided to take control and spread a little love. My intentions were to start a movement of the heart and mind.

Every morning whoever entered my space would be greeted with a handshake, a smile, and the phrase; “I’m Fired Up! About living and loving life to the fullest, how about you?”

These greetings would be filled with powerful enthusiasm and energy. No matter what obstacles or pessimism would be thrown back at me, I would stay calm and optimistic.

A Journey Always Begins With The First Step…

My experiment started the very next morning, and just as the first morning I had very different reactions, especially to the phrase I was using.

But I would not be discouraged or swayed from my mission of battling the pessimism running rampant throughout the department.

I continued this high-intensity greeting barge every day, and within a couple of weeks, I noticed a shift in attitudes of some of the other workers.

Some were actually walking up to me in the morning with their hands stuck out to greet me, and the first thing out of their mouth was, “you fired up today?”

Change Is The Light At The End Of The Tunnel…

The change in attitude with a spark of hope was set in motion, and over the next six weeks, the results were nothing less than spectacular.

You could still see the distrust towards the company and management were still very much alive, in the hearts of the workers, but they were beginning to regain their own hope for the future.

The final day of my work contract was here, and it was time for me to depart from the workforce once again, but this time it would be an emotional exodus that would leave me with a new found inner peace.

There were over 50 people gathered outside the department doors and with the 40 co-workers that made over 90 people who came to say goodbye that day.

They were all thanking me for the encouragement and optimism that I had given them in my daily actions during the time that I was there.

Many committed how they had learned how attitude and a positive outlook on living life to the fullest every day could help them cope with the daily struggles in life, not just at work.

So, when you find yourself in stressful and frustrating situations put a smile on your face and let its contagious characteristics do their magic…