The Quest for Finding Happiness & Success in Freelance Your Career


Finding Happiness in a Freelance Career You Have One Choice “REBEL or I-ROBOT”


Are you a freelance career wannabe, you’re a Rebel then, or you should be if you want to succeed?


Freelance careers are more than a flourishing new work platform, they actually help define the rebel’s identity, transforming them from a “discontented” worker to a rebel who is “able”, and finally into the successful freelance business person they want to be.


I-Robots are the ones who complain, get frustrated, and wish their lives were better. They want the world pleasures of the extraordinary life on a silver platter but are too lazy or have lost the willpower to put in the effort of taking action to change or move forward.


I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, or I don’t know where to start are the most prevalent excuses among the many used by the I-Robots. Really sad it is…


The Freelance Career Rebels see and understand the opportunities to become an extraordinary person, to live a life of bliss, and immediately takes action.


They understand the first action may not be the one that leads to success, but they put the wheels in motion to achieve something great in their lives anyway.


Will you choose to be a Rebel?



You’re in great company when you decide to become a rebel in your freelance career.


People like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Adriana Huffington were all considered outliers and troublemakers because they were breaking out of the mold of society but now that they’ve proven their theories, ideas and have become extremely successful they’re considered visionaries.


Become the outlier, the rebel, then prove your naysayers wrong and leave your mark on the universe as others have.


We’re starting right now from the beginning to the end of your quest for success and finding happiness with this first of many 60-second recaps from Happi Pappi and Freelance Your Career.


So, where does the quest for success and finding happiness begin?


It begins with your 2nd choice…


What avenue will you pick to reach your final destination? There are 5 popular areas being used but they’re not the only ones, and we’ll be discussing those in detail next.


That’s it for this 60-seconds today, in our next 60 we’ll look at the areas and see if you made the right one for your situation…


Smile Be Happy,