How many mornings have you opened your eyes with that miserable sinking feeling?

The feeling that you’ll have to put yourself through another day of all the challenges and struggles it takes just to survive, you hate it!

Another day spent living your life trying to please somebody else.

When did it become okay to give up on living your dreams of joy, adventure, and fulfillment? To simply live for the weekend or a couple weeks of vacation?

The world has never been more prosperous, and yet we’ve never had so many unhappy people, and it’s no surprise.

Society trained us all for success in the industrial age, setting us up for failure in today’s chaotic golden age.


It’s time to break free from the rut of mediocrity your living in and regain control of your life.


If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking to become a billionaire or anything close to that…

You’re simply looking to live and love life to the fullest on your own terms, not someone else’s…

You’re looking for a life that makes you feel fired up about yourself and your future. A life that excites you so much that you jump out of bed with enthusiasm, rather than counting the minutes until the day is over.

Well, I have some fantastic news for you…

The industrial age mainstream idea of success is wrong, it’s backward. College and the 9-to-5 workday way of life are dead. You no longer need them to be successful in this new techno golden age economy to be happy and free.

My Name is Gregory (a.k.a. Happi Pappi) Henderson

Welcome to happipappi.com spelled with i’s instead of y’s because you’re in control of your Happiness and the Whys in your life. “Happiness Is In Your Hands”

I’m a nuclear contractor who works 3 to 6 months out of the year because I just love the sheer excitement of the work. No doubt, the benefits of traveling the world and meeting new people doesn’t hurt.

After being exposed to so many different cultures and happy inspired people I decided to investigate and hopefully incorporate some of their knowledge concerning happiness in my own way of life.

As usual, when I discover something beneficial especially in my life that I know will help others I begin sharing with family, friends, co-works, and anyone else that will listen.

Some are hesitant at first but after an explanation and some facts are willing to try or indulge in them for a while but strange my new experiences concerning happiness wasn’t getting the usual response, quite the contrary.

Matter of fact, I was told by many, doing what I was suggesting would never work. Anything that simple and easy could never produce the results I was speaking of.

Living in the United States was an entirely different fast pace get what you can, be stressed out society. These other cultural differences wouldn’t work here.

So I decided to set out on the quest to prove them wrong and learn to overcome the daily stress, worry, and anxieties that our culture forces on us…

But let me start at the beginning…

I was born in Freeport, Texas to an average but a wonderful couple who provided my every need and showed me their love continuously. We were living in the industrial age that was booming in the US.

My father worked for the railroad and my mother was a hairdresser, a cosmetologist nowadays.

And of course, I was an average kid just living and experiencing life with one little quirk. I loved taking things apart to see how they worked and then try and put them back together. This inquisitive thinking got me in more trouble with my folks than I would like to remember.

That inquisitive thinking eventually leads me to become a tool and die-maker for some 27 years where I enjoyed taking things apart, redesigning them, building components from scratch out of basic and exotics metals and such.

But then as we all do at some point and time in our lives, we think of retiring, so that’s what I did…

Just 4 short years later, I found myself discontent wasting my time and actually doing nothing worthwhile or productive in my eyes. I was seeking fulfillment and purpose in life. That’s when I discovered contracting in the nuclear energy industry – and I was absolutely intoxicated by the potential of contracting my skill set out.

After investigating and researching the possibilities of becoming an independent nuclear contractor I became deeply obsessed with the idea and did what it took to get started.

Over the next 7 years, I worked my butt off doing the best job I could do while building my reputation of being a competent worker who put safety first along with quality work. I was fortunate to be asked by one company if I would consider working internationally and I jumped on the request.

Since then I’ve worked in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and numerous locations from the east coast to the west coast, within the US with Japan being one of my favorites.

Change Begins March 2011

But my whole picture of how I looked at life would be change on one bitter cold March morning while working in Japan. On National TV before the eyes of the world. Fukushima Accident. Following a major earthquake, a 15-meter (49 ft.) tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011.

Yes, I was there working on reactor #4 when the earthquake hit…

This traumatic event in my life made me realize I had an important mission and purpose in life and it was time to get started.

To show others HOW to unleash the lost art of happiness in their lives and start living and loving life to the fullest on their own terms. This is where my journey began.

  • The first thing I learned really fast was this journey I would be taking wasn’t going to be easy
  • It wouldn’t be a quick stop at the fast food life purpose outlet where I could just run in and pick whatever I wanted
  • It would be long hours researching and digging into the concepts of the mind and the very principles of life itself.
  • It would also consist of talking to strangers, experts, ancient wisdom gurus as well as the wonderful life filled everyday people like you and me.
  • It would cost several thousands of dollars purchasing courses and mentoring to help me thoroughly understand the foundation of who we are as a society but more importantly who I really am as a human being.

After a few failures, I stumbled onto the concept of releasing and adjusting the data and memories in the subconscious mind to be happy. This was my very first success, and something I still do to this day.

Within a short period of time, I had fully realized the impact of this concept and started teaching it to family members, friends, co-workers, and anyone else that would take time to listen.

I had used in the workplace where it produced fantastic results. On several occasions, project managers came to me telling me how much my enthusiastic happy attitude had made a difference in the project.

At the end of my last gig in particular my Project Manager pulled me a side and told me, “Pappi you made a world of difference here. I don’t believe we would have completed this project on time and successfully without your happy attitude and this happiness formula you constantly speak of. You kept the team focused, on target and fired up as you call it and that made all the difference, you have a winning formula there and I want to personally thank you sir.”

I had proven my nay Sayers and Unbelievers wrong, and found happiness and success in my life and am spreading the message to whoever will listen.

I proved them all wrong, and that means even more to me, I have found fulfillment and the elusive purpose in my life…


Why Does This Matter To You?

I know how it is when you’re struggling with challenges even though we all struggle in different situations the results are the same, stress, worry, and anxiety making life miserable.

When you try to find a way to remedy the cause and effect everyone tells you, “Just go with the flow, That’s just the way life is, Get a grip on yourself that’s life.”

I’m here to help you prove them all wrong, all your Naysayers…

When was it okay to give up on your dreams and yourself?

Start Your Journey Now

How Happi Pappi Will Help You


If there is one thing I’ve learned in studying the lost art of happiness, it’s this…

If someone else is having success, then it will be even easier for you to obtain the same success. Just model & improve what’s worked for them.

And that’s where I come in…

My mission is to create actionable how-to guides based on real-world success (and failure).  I break down what’s working for me, us, my mentors, and my clients – and make sure you’re able to easily model the success of others to change your own life.


But do you really need happiness, that’s the real question???

Here’s what makes me different:

I only speak about things I know from experience.

In short – I only preach what I practice and about what I’ve already had proven success with. I’m not here to sell you anything – I simply think the world needs more happiness and individuals living and loving life to the fullest on their own terms…

Someone just like you!

Happiness is Powerful, let me teach you HOW powerful it really can be in your life, starting today…