Happiness is a Weird Bird it Doesn’t Depend on External Conditions

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Learn to think like the successful mind thinks – to question, challenge, and create new rules for your ideas of love, happiness, spirituality, work, and meaning.

Don’t follow a conventional mediocre way of life you’re better than that! Take action, break out of your comfort zone and put some real effort into that side hustle that you’re contemplating on starting!


Look Between Your Ears



Happiness is not an accident – Nor is it something you wish for, it’s something you Design




Happiness By Design A Weird Bird It Is


Happiness is a weird bird in that it overwhelms us one moment and then like a foggy mist in the night it disappears. Not to come back for extended periods of time.


Why can’t we just program happiness into our lives so it’ll be with us all the time? My gosh, we can send people into outer space in a rocket shuttle but we can’t figure out how to program ourselves to have continuous happiness?


Go figure that one…


…so why do you think happiness eludes us so much and seldom shows its face, is it my bad breath or because I didn’t shower and I smell? There must be a logical answer to why happiness is so hard to keep in our everyday lives. How about it do you have a theory on the topic?


Well, I do and here it is in a nutshell.


The thing I do know, everyone is seeking happiness these days and seldom find it due to the fact that, here’s my theory, you take every little episode in your life too personal. You let it churn all day and all night long like it was a life or death situation, which it isn’t.


Know How You’ll React In A Flight or Fight Situation


I know you’ve heard about the fight-or-flight response (also called hyperarousal, or the acute stress response) it’s a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival that’s conjured up in your subconscious.



Now what you may not know if this response is in a physical form like when you walk into a room, you come face to face with this huge burly of a biker guy and fear grips you like the jaws of a great white shark because he’s wearing all this leather and has tattoos all over him.


Your first thoughts are to run because he may do physical harm to you but be at ease because most of these guys who look like this are just big ole teddy bears with hearts of gold. The problem here is your mind doesn’t know that. So, you want to take flight, run as fast as your little ole legs will go.


Now here’s the kicker, after you get over the shock of his appearance this very same guy may say something or disagree with you in a conversation where your pride or ego is offended and what do you do? Your ego takes it personally and starts setting up a battlefield basecamp to wage war in its defense never thinking about the physical consequence.


Okay, so what does this have to do with side hustling, living in the present, and happiness? First, we must look at what it means not to live in the present to get a better understanding of living in the present.


Not in the present– your thoughts are of the past: what has been, what could have been, what you thought happened vs what actually did happen. Or, your thoughts are of the future: what will be, what could be, what might be, if…


Whooooo, did you get all that?


Be In The Present


Well, if you did you understand now that thoughts of the past or future are definitely not being in the present. But they feel like they are, every thought has a feeling attached to it so when you think of past or future experiences they feel real. Sorry but that’s just the way the ole body and mind work.


You say your feelings got hurt from what they said or did, wrong, no one grabbed a hammer and hit your feelings on the head but what did happen was your ego you beliefs were questioned and the brain released a flood of anger chemicals throughout your brain and body that made you feel it on the inside.


Oh, I promise you it felt real but the truth of the matter it was an inside job all created by your mind, memories, and beliefs. Nothing at all on the outside. It is amazing how the brain can create images of the past or future that shine on your mind like on a screen in the movie theater that seems so realistic, but it’s not. So, what you think is really what you get.


So, what is the present? Is it living in the present day or hour or even living in the minute?


Put Your Thinking Cap On In Time Of A Crisis Helps


Hold your breath, open your eyes, and put your thinking cap on because you’re fixing to need it.



Living in the present is living in this very moment (second) because the seconds it takes me to write this are now the past and the ones coming up are in the future the only present you have is this single second, poof its gone the next one is here.


Told you to put your thinking cap on. The point here is to live in the present you must focus and cherish the moments in the now without those annoying thoughts of past or future.


To be in your present moment you must be aware of your inner being and the world around you.

  • be aware of what you can see, hear, smell, feel, taste right now.
  • be aware of your breath flowing gently in and out of your body.
  • feel your body from within – for example be aware of your legs – as if you are feeling them from the inside?
  • listen for the silence beneath any noise that may be there?
  • be aware of the space and energy around all things you are focusing on rather than the forms themselves?
  • can you feel the awareness of the thoughts that arise?
  • Listen for your inner voice it wants to tell you of all the opportunities and happiness that awaits you.


All of this puts you in the present moment which blocks those past and future thoughts trying to gain access back into your mind. Of course, the subconscious may well pull you back in again with some past or future thought, or emotional resistance but you can stop it….


…. By not judging it, just allow your present moment to be as it is, and see what happens.


This is the beginning of conscious living, of living at one with the present rather than controlled by your ego and trapped in time. Your present moment brings you towards realizing your oneness with life.


I know, we’re all human and like all other mammals we protect our space like a beast when it’s compromised but to bring more happiness into your life you need to slow down and smell the roses if you know what I mean.


There it is, my theory of happiness and living in the present. So, what’s your theory I’d love to hear it?


What Puts A Smile On Your Face And Keeps You Happy


One last thing, I can’t leave you without giving you a few little tips I’ve learned myself to start my day off to keep me happy and living in the present. Hope you enjoy and they help you like they’ve helped me.



Happiness and living in the present moment are not some mystical potion you drink and you live happily ever after.


First, you need to understand that happiness and living in the present are just HABITS, plain and simple.


Habits are formed by repetition, you must keep repeating the act consciously until your subconscious decides its worth recording in the data banks of your brain.


These 3 Tips To Get You Started ON Happiness By Design


Tip #1 – The Physical

  • Every morning when your eyes open you’re awake or that’s when your conscious mind awakens. At this moment physically wiggle your toes and say, “I’m alive an kickin”Next you want to sit-up on the side of your bed, now this is important, to make the biggest choice of your day.
  • You have a choice to start your day off HAPPY, Glad, Sad, or Mad. No one is influencing at this moment so you get to choose how your day will begin.
  • Choose HAPPY okay!

Tip #2 – The Mental

  • Next you want to sit-up on the side of your bed, now this is important, to make the biggest choice of your day.
  • You choose to start your day off HAPPY, Glad, Sad, or Mad. No one is influencing at this moment so you get to choose how your day will begin.
  • Choose HAPPY  and  with the enthusiasm of a wildman or wildwoman shout, I’m starting my day off Happy and No One or situation will steal my joy today, period” okay!

Tip #3 – Numero Uno

  • The Number One all time great that will trigger Happiness in your life every time and it’s FREE!
  • Put a Big Smile On Your Face…
  • … a smile triggers happiness in your brain and it goes ballistic pumping all these happy chemicals throughout your body. The feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released at once.
  • It’s like getting a tranquilizing massage along with super shot of heart pumping caffeine at the same time creating a massive orgasm throughout your entire body and it works every time. 


It’s a wonder more people aren’t going around smiling when you get those kinds of results, oh well their loss.


I’ve been doing this for years now, getting pumped in the morning living and loving life to the fullest each and every day. You really need to give it a try.


There you have it my take on Happiness By Design, Living in the Present and Not Taking Everything Personal. “What’s your thoughts or theory on the topic?” I’d love to hear your response.





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