How to be Successful in a Freelance Career Using a Loser’s Advice

Can I tell you a secret, this is the way my life was before starting my freelance career?


I’m going to tell you my worst nightmare…


I open my eyes and realize I’m lying in a hospital bed but where I’m not really sure until I notice a plaque on the wall, I’m in a nursing home.


Then I start gasping for air and it all comes back to me, I’m sick and dying knowing that my time has come and any minute now I’ll be taking a journey into the great unknown.


My life will have passed…


Fear suddenly grips me, and I’m scared, really, really, really, scared because I find myself all alone in this moment of uncertainty, and oh my God, it really hurts…


Then the pain goes away. I wonder what’s happening as my entire body goes limp, I’m not gasping for air matter of fact I’m not breathing at all, the monitors beside my bed flatlined, telling the world the great and mighty Gregory L Henderson is gone.


A nurse walks into the room grabs my wrist and checks my pulse, looks at her watch and scribbles the time of my death on a form and pulls the sheet over my head and walks out.



As she gets back to her station she picks up the phone and calls the morgue.


A person from the morgue arrives a few days later to pick my body up, where I’m taken to the crematorium and cremated along with two other passed souls.


Who like me were so unimportant we don’t even get our own urn.


Here’s the worst part?


The next morning when the sun comes up individuals will be eating breakfast listing to the birds sing, going to work, holding meetings, enjoying life, and not one person notices I’m gone.


The great wheel of life goes on without a hitch, and for better or worse, Gregory L Henderson is forgotten in all the hustle and bustle. Goodbye cruel world, no one gave a crap about me after all.


Scary, isn’t it?


Just writing this down here gives me goosebumps and the willies.


It’s not just the creepy thought of dying, even though that’s a horrible life image. It’s the thought of being forgotten because nothing I did was eventful enough to catch someone’s eye and stick in their mind to remember me by.


That’s our primal instinct at work, reminding us of the need to be remembered. Our brain’s two main functions are 1) to reproduce and 2) make sure our DNA survives so we will not be forgotten, and something will be left behind for future generations.


We all want to put a dent in the world and leave a mark on the universe, that’s just how we’re wired. We want to say, “Look I was here.”


You know if we’re honest with ourselves that’s probably one of the biggest reasons so many individuals are going the freelance career path. Not just to make money and have more free time but because we’ve become robots in our careers and work. We’ve lost our true identity and we want it back.


We want to be known and remembered!


There’s nothing more gratifying and comforting than being recognized for the accomplishments we’ve made in our lives that have also made an impact on family, friends, and the world around us.



You could keel over tomorrow and die in your tracks, but your accomplishments made in a freelance career especially if you’re a writer will live forever inspiring generations to come.


Or that’s the general idea on the matter.


The only issue is most people don’t give a hoot about you, they’re too caught up in their own lives to pay much attention to your accomplishments and what you write about.


That’s why you need to be unforgettable in whatever freelance career you venture into and the only way to do that is trigger emotions in people’s lives, then you’ll become unforgettable.


Whether it’s in your writing or in a work environment, you must stir the emotions in others.


People must feel what you write if they don’t you’re writing to a fantasy audience that is only in your own mind. But if someone reads your words and can feel the pain, suffering, joy, happiness in what you write you’ll become unforgettable.


The same is true if your freelance career is in a workplace environment with other individuals you still must trigger emotions to be unforgettable.


For example; my own freelance career (nuclear technician contractor) was catapulted to new highs, more gigs, more money, and more meaningful relationships after years of working my butt off with little recognition.


Not because of what I was continually doing but because I discovered the keys to unlocking the invisible code everything in our world operates by.



There is an invisible set of rules and laws that govern all that you know and understand about the world you live in today: how you work and create an income, how you love and make love, how you raise your children, how you should spend your money, and even how you should define happiness and success in your life.


By re-evaluating my present beliefs concerning success and happiness I discovered the formula was backward. Success doesn’t create happiness, but it’s happiness that creates your success.


So, to test and prove this new theory of my belief I began my quest to learn the lost art of happiness.


After learning the art of happiness and applying the techniques from cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom practices for only a few short months I began to see amazing results.


Which has led to as I said before, doubling my gigs and income plus building more meaningful relationships in the workplace.


There are individuals on every gig I go on now, who I have never met, that come up to me and say, “Yea You’re Happi Pappi, I’ve Heard of You.”


I may not be unforgettable yet, but I definitely know for a fact now that I am making a positive impact on the people and the world around me.



How bout you, are you making an impact? You can be…


I See a Happiness Revolution on the Horizon…