Question #2

How Do You Want to Grow?

In order to have the experiences you’ve listed in question #1, you must ask how do I have to grow? What sort of man or woman do I need to evolve into?


IN MY HEALTH AND FITNESS: Describe how you want to feel and look every day. What about five, ten, or twenty years from now?


IN MY INTELLECTUAL LIFE: What do you need to learn in order to have the experiences you listed above? What would you love to learn?


IN MY SKILLS: What skills would help you thrive at your job? If you’d love to switch gears professionally, what would it take to do that? What are some skills you want to learn just for fun?


IN MY SPIRITUAL LIFE: What is your highest aspiration for your spiritual practice



STOP Before You Answer Read This:


Her you want to consider what health and fitness systems you may want to continue or change because we all know how these two our affect our outward appearance.


Do I want to try a new popular diet or food regiment or maybe changing my daily workout to get my body fitter and looking great? Better yet if I have no workout regiment do I want to take the plunge and begin one to see the outcome.


Am I ready to challenge myself in these areas?


What do I need to advance in my intellectual areas read more books that relate to my new found desires or maybe involve myself with videos and theater which will stretch my mind?


Is there a language I’ve always wanted to learn and master?


Choose learning opportunities that you think you will enjoy and move you towards and END GOAL something you will enjoy and want. Not a means to an end goal like getting a promotion or graduating with high grades.


What SKILLS will help you become an expert in the field you love?


If you love your job but don’t like the circumstances you’re in, try changing yourself with new exhilarating skills that produce creative, resilience, and productivity in your position.  This becomes contagious and others will change, possibly changing your entire workplace environment for the better.


Where are you spiritually, and where do you want to be? Stuck in religion, then be bold visualize what spirituality would look like without the confines of a religion.


Think about it most of your beliefs aren’t yours anyway. You’ve acquired them from others parents, friends, family, and other authority figures and groups you’re associated with.


Break out of the I-Robot Society Syndrome and become the individual you were meant to be and start living the extraordinary life you desire.


Smile Be Happy,