Create The Vision For Your Future

Most individuals before leaving high school or entering college are influenced by others to choose their career. This is rather ridiculous for a young adult to try and decide what they want to do for the rest of their life seeing in most instances they’re not even old enough to by a bottle of beer.

 Not only that but our goal setting formula is wrong. We’re taught to set “means goals” – goals that are a means to an end which usually are about conforming and following society’s rules which are outdated.

Here you want to forget the past and learn through this exercise the way to set your end goals. Goals that follow your heart, that excite, and inspire you to greatness while putting your ultimate target (goal) in your sights.

The Three Most Important Questions Exercise will do just that, get you straight on your end goals that really matter in your life.

Note: Don’t forget to write your question/answers down on a  piece of paper or on your computer for safe keeping  and quick access to.

Question #1


What Experiences Do I Want to Have?

If time and money were no object and I didn’t have to seek anyone’s permission, what kinds of experiences would my soul crave?


IN MY LOVE RELATIONSHIP: You want to imagine your ideal love relationship. Who is it that you want to wake up next to each morning?
This may not necessarily be a specific individual, you want to go deeper, maybe look at the characteristics, values, and beliefs you want in someone.
IN MY FRIENDSHIPS. Picture your social life in a perfect world—the people, the places, the conversation, the activities.
IN MY ADVENTURES. What kinds of adventures and experiences would have you jumping out of bed each morning and make your soul sing?
IN MY ENVIRONMENT. Conjure up the feelings of being in environments you love. What would your ideal home, car, travel destinations look like?



STOP Before You Answer Read This:


This is not as easy of a question as you think if you want all the benefits you can receive from it!


As you begin to answer this question there will be external things that will pop into to your head immediately. This is normal it’s the way your brain has been programmed but to gain the benefits of this exercise you must go deeper.


If you do the exercise right, you’ll be coming back to the answer you have given here and modifying it as you mature in your evolution to find the true you who lies dormant in what I call the I-Robot Society Syndrome.


Everything you think you know and believe about the world around you are not your beliefs at all but someone else who has influenced you in the past. Parents, teachers, media, and any other person or group you consider as an authority.


Their beliefs have become yours, in other words, we have all been brainwashed since birth to live in a civilized society by its rules and laws, so we won’t rock the boat and disrupt the flow.


But what happens if you decide to break out of the I-Robot Society Syndrome?


You will be labeled an outlier like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and many others who made that decision. Outliers because they believed there was more to life and not all beliefs are cut in stone, they severed the chain of mediocrity and believed anything was possible, now they’re considered visionaries for their successes.


Most believe money and wealth are what they want and that it will cure all issues but when you go deeper into the mind, body, and spirit you may find your soul craves something totally different and this is what you’re looking for, the unconscious reality of your desires.


As you continue, remember this, impossible is just a word and that your inner being knows what you want and need.


The exercises, thoughts, and reflections you’ll find on this website will give direction in becoming the extraordinary person you wish to be so, you can start living and loving life to the fullest on your own terms.