Infographic- Ways to be Happy and Stop Negative Thoughts from Getting You Down

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. – Dumbledore/Lord of the Rings


Finding ways to be happy first begins with learning how to negotiate through all the negative thoughts slowing you down and running a 100 miles per hour in your mind disrupting your positive thinking and life.


And now that you’ve decided to take on the arduous task of setting up and taking action on that new venture of a freelancer side hustle you’ve just compounded worry, doubt, and fear that will need to be resolved.


Relax, you’ve got what it takes!!!


One of the big elements of the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction is to eliminate all the negatives forcing their way into your mindset.


Good luck with that!


Plus, it’s not a real good idea to eliminate them all because some help you to create a growth mindset that’ll boost creativity, resilience, problem-solving, productivity not to mention the health benefits.


Over the last decade, cutting-edge neuroscience research results and ancient wisdom practices, that have been used for some 2500 years by Stoic, Greek, and Religious Philosophers, are now proven to be the key to unlocking the mysteries of mind, body, and spirit.


Actually opening the door to the happy life that everyone seeks without accomplishing some external task.


It’s been proven that the only ways to be happy are through your own mind. It’s a Mind Game Plain and Simple.


Like any other game to be successful and become the CHAMPION, you must first know the rules and secondly, you have to know and use the winning strategies.


The only issue here is there are countless winning strategies and techniques one can use. So, which ones are best for you?


Well, to be honest, I really don’t know and you don’t know until you give them a shot but trying to gather all that information would take you months if not years.


But you need relief now, with all the compounding frustrations and anxiety over which direction to take in a side hustle. It’s never easy when making a decision, especially one as a freelancer. If you take the wrong path you could waste precious time and energy, not to mention money.


Here’s the good news you don’t have to worry about all that because finding proven methods, exercises, and practices to ease the issues getting you down and learning to be happier in the process have already been done for you in this fantastic infographic put out by Happify.


Look it over and try the different techniques and hang on to the ones that work and can the others. How sweet life can be!


A Mighty Useful Tool This Is!

InfoGraphic – How To Slow Down The Negative Thoughts & Be Happy



I would suggest printing this infographic and keeping it close by so that when you get stuck or one of those ugly negatives sticks its head up and tells you-you’re not good enough you can quickly pull out your ace in the hole and find a rebuttal to put it down.


I especially like the “The NEGATIVE KNOCKOUT GAME” where I write down on a piece of paper what’s causing the issue, look at it and say NO WAY, then wad it up and throw it in the can. BAMM! the issue is taken care of or most of the time that is.


If it’s still lingering around and is being a little pesky just ask it for the proof. To give you examples that proves the thought to be correct. It will come back with several but here you want to take each into consideration and analyze logically.


Example: If the thought is you’re not good enough, then ask why and if the comeback is you’re not educated enough, fine, think about it and you can come up with hundreds of logical arguments that education has nothing to do with it. Albert Einstein quit his formal education after the 3rd grade and he’s considered to have been a  genius, duh! Get my drift?


So go change your world and the world around you – you have the power…


Hope you liked what you found? I know I really did!


By adding these practices to your life you’ll find more happiness I’m sure but if you have any questions or comments or just want to chat let me know because they’re not the only ways to be happy for sure.




Happiness & Success Are In Your Hands!

Smile Be Happy.