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Hi, I’m Happi Pappi


I like writing and experimenting with Happiness/Mindset strategies, methods, exercises, and sharing my finds and results with others.



This site collects the best things I’ve learned:
  • Gaining clarity, build confidence and conquer fears, so you can take action and start making money, even if it’s overwhelming and seems impossible.
  • The skills to live a life of happiness that will cultivate a positive brain making you more motivated, efficient, resilient, and creativity, which will drive your performance and side hustle productivity upward
  • Powerful proven ancient wisdom practices joined with cutting-edge neuroscience research techniques designed to retrain your brain for success.
  • Unique models of mindfulness engineering to help you grow in every area of your life like never before.
  • Discover your calling that will drive you to find the ability and desire to create your masterpiece that will make a dent and lasting mark on the lives and the world around you.


And a lot more. Join the curious people like you who are learning how to create happiness and success in their every day lives.


Who gets the best stuff as I research, find, learn and test new ways to enrich one’s life through the Lost Art of Happiness, as well as new article as they come out.


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