Justin W Testimonial

What Justin W. Thinks

Greg, or Pappi as his friends call him, has what I would consider an infectious attitude. He smiles more than anyone I have met.


He is nearly double my age and yet we bonded as if we were childhood friends.


One of the best things about Pappi is that whenever I am in a rut or need advice, he delivers with wise and compassionate advice.


When needed, he will let me know when to stop feeling sorry for myself and push me to use the tools he has taught me over the past few months.


Searching for the tools to lead a more happy life? Looking for someone to assist in finding your inner abilities?


Pappi has helped me with all these. It’s great to have someone that truly listens. I always walk away from our conversations feeling revived and full of ideas!


Most of all, he truly practices what he preaches. He explains what has worked for him and honestly wants others to be able to live the content life that he talks so much about.


You will know exactly what I mean after your first conversation with Pappi.


-Justin W.