4 lessons waking up at 5 am

You wake up every day of your life deciding to be miserable, yes you do!

If you haven’t made a conscious decision that you will be happy and productive during this day your decision on how your day will start and turnout will be made by default. Your subconscious will start you out just like it always has to be miserable and discontent during the day.

The conscious decision maker sleeps while you sleep but the subconscious is 24/7 and is screaming in your head all night long concerning debt, finances, relationships gone bad, and every other negative.

That’s how your day will start out if you don’t make a conscious decision first thing when you awaken.

Your last night’s nightmares become your default for the day, you start living them all over again, that’s the Law Of Attraction at work.

I repeat, when you and the conscious mind awaken unless right then and there you decide what kind of day you’ll have; happy, glad, sad, or mad it all falls to default, which in most individual’s life is a Negative

Make a Choice Decide To Be Happy And Crush The Negative Defaults In Your Life…

So, what kind of routine should you create for your eye-opening conscious awakening morning?

Now the best I can give you is what has worked for me the last few years as well as others all around the world that I’ve introduced the process with, who are getting the same fantastic results I’m receiving.

And it all begins when those big beautiful sexy eyes open and the conscious mind realizes its awake once again.

Here are 4 Must Do Actions to take when this happens

#1 Must Do: At that very moment the first thing you must do, no exceptions, the very first thing to do is wiggle your toes! You heard me right, I didn’t stutter.

This is a very crucial element for you getting that conscious mind on the right track when it wakes up!

It’s a Do or Die situation in your life or it should be because if you take off and start the day with those Nightmares you had last night you’ll just live that hell all over again during the day.

Yea, I know it sounds childish but who do you think are the happiest people on the planet? Kids!

#2 MUST DO: Now that you’ve wiggled your toes I guarantee until you get used to this you’ll feel a little or a whole lot of foolishness, childishness, and plain stupidity but the good thing is, no matter how bizarre it is it will put a slight smile on your face.

Guess what the next step is?

You’re absolutely correct, put a smile on your face ear to ear, doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake your mind can’t tell the difference but your brain can tell the difference in your facial muscles forming upward for a smile or downward for a frown.

So, when facial muscles turn up your mind thinks it’s a smile, so it determines that you must be happy about something, so it releases happy chemicals in your brain that put your entire body on a high rush.

It is the Number One all-time great that will trigger Happiness in your life and it’s FREE!

A smile triggers happiness in your brain and it goes ballistic pumping all these happy chemicals throughout your body.

The feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin are all released at once.

It’s like getting a tranquilizing massage along with a super shot of heart-pumping caffeine at the same time creating a massive orgasm throughout your entire body and it works every time.

It’s a wonder more people aren’t going around smiling when you get those kinds of results, oh well their loss.

I’ve been doing this for years now, getting Fired Up! in the morning living and loving life to the fullest each and every day. You really need to give it a try.

And it is #2 must do on the list.

#3 MUST DO: Now that you’ve wiggled your toes and put that big ole smile on your face all you need to do now is proclaim out loud so you can hear yourself, “I’m Alive and Kickin.”

Plus, if you’re not a Southerner you can add a (g) to Kickin and say Kickingggg – I prefer Kickin but that’s up to you…

This proclamation solidifies the actions in the first two Must Do’s and really gets your confidence going in the right direction which is up instead of spiraling downward.

The three together in that order is the precursor for the next few steps that will open doors to a wonderful exhilarating chain of events that you’ve probably never encountered before.

Its called getting Fired Up! about living and loving life to the fullest…

Ok, that’s all there is to do in the prone position. Now I want you to stand up beside the bed and raise your arms upward as high as you can a couple of times (this is called stretching) and take maybe 3 or 4 deep breathes exhaling slowly.

After your stretch the next thing to do is #4. 

#4 MUST DO: While standing there beside your bed you are about to make “The Most Important Decision You Will Make Today!!!!”

It's decision time, you must make a choice just like you’ve been doing every day of your entire life.

You do understand as soon as you open your eyes in the morning you decide to be happy, glad, sad, or mad to start your day, right?

The only difference today, instead of letting your subconscious mind making this choice it will be your conscious awakened fired up mind making it.

You fired it up with that big ole smile you made releasing all of those Happy Chemicals in your brain.

You have the choice to start today without any outside influences right now to be Happy – Glad – Sad – or Mad today, now that you’re pumped up a bit.

So, choose HAPPY and when you do proclaim it out loud once again, so you can hear yourself, “I choose to be happy today and no one or no situation I encounter today will steal my joy or happiness, I mean no one!!!”

BAMM!!! Let’s get cranking for one fantastic day!!!

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