“I‘m trying to make a living writing. But it just doesn’t work.” by Tim Rittig with Pappi’s Comment

Hello, folks, this is a comment made on an article about a young man having issues with making money freelance writing. His article is pretty good and depicts what many are feeling in the freelance writing world.


You may get some golden nuggets from his article and the comments at the end. Hope you enjoy.


Tim’s Story

So, I am 26 years old. I have been blogging for about 5 years now. For the most part, I was blogging on my own website. Seven months ago, I have made the shift to Medium.

I’ve also never done this (completely) full-time. During all of those five years, I have been studying (and still am writing my MA thesis). Plus, I’ve worked on all kinds of other projects and jobs during that time.

But then, eight or nine months ago, something changed completely in my life.

My father passed away unexpectedly.

This led to a big creative shift in my life.

Whereas previously, my goal had been to become the world’s best writer on intercultural communication I was now no longer willing to make the sacrifices necessary for that.

Why? Because that path has led me to move to three different foreign countries over the past seven years. All the while, I rarely met my family (including my father).

My father’s death essentially made me realize, that I am not willing to be far away from my family on a permanent basis.

But it also put me under enormous pressure.

Whereas previously, I had always been partially supported by my parents, I now had to figure out a way of making a complete living quickly.

At the time, I had also gone into a serious relationship. And considering that we wanted to move to Germany to be closer to my family (where she’d first have to finish her studies), I would now have to provide a complete income for two people. Not just for myself.

So, I made a decision, that is probably quite foolish.

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Pappi’s comment to Tim Rettig’s Issue On Making Money At A Freelance Career Writing


WOW, Tim not too sure about all that’s being put out here it’s a bit puzzling to me.


Quality, evolving book on overcoming struggles to be successful by an individual who personally is admitting they don’t want to make money but in one avenue of writing???


That’s throwing a red flag up to me. Why would I buy a book on overcoming struggles from a person who can’t seem to get their own act together who aren’t making money yet and who is struggling?


Don’t get me wrong here your goal is admirable but you talk about the shitty content on the internet and you want quality work to evolve — who’s definition of quality are you going by?


You have a few commenters here who talk about the shitty content out there as well and you folks are right, 97% of the content is crap but there’s that 3% that’s great meeting a need or solving a problem helping people all over the world.


So, when you speak of quality I’d be careful not to offend others.


I do have a pretty good suggestion for you that will showcase your quality work, let it evolve to its perfection, and make enough money to live on all at the same time if it’s the quality you say it is.


But first, you have to read the rest of my shitty comment 🙂


First, you mention you have 1000 followers but only 20 to 30 are engaged with your writing.


People follow others because they like what they read and believe they’ll get something from following.


They have a need or issue they think that you will resolve and if you have 1k and only 30 engaged, Red Flag, your quality may not be as great as you think or the audience you’re trying to reach is too broad. Narrow your niche, every writer who has written great work didn’t write it for the whole world to read.


Then there’s your viewpoint on failure?


You’re right a failure is just a setback that we can learn valuable information from if we act upon it but to have the mindset that you believe to accomplish anything you must have setbacks and failure, Red Flag.


It’s proven by neuroscience and positive psychology if your thoughts are mainly on the negative side that’s exactly what you’ll continue to get and if you think on the positive that’s what you’ll get. It’s all a mind game, Tim. I’d do some adjustment on that one for sure.


Before I get to my suggestion on how you can make money on your evolving book I have one last thing to share.


Tim, you’re living in the past, the future, and you’re a little overwhelmed by your situation by what you’ve written here Red Flag.


You really need to focus on the present, I don’t mean this week or today, I mean this moment right now because it’s all you have. The past is gone forever never to return and the future, well it hasn’t arrived.


A suggestion that will helpCutting-Edge Neuroscience has proven without a doubt that finding happiness in one’s life will increase efficiency, resilience, creativity, and productivity, which drives performance upward in one’s work or business.


This discovery has been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies and in Shawn Achor’s work and research on 1,600 Harvard students and dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


In his book, you will learn not only why the Happiness Advantage is so powerful, but how you can use it on a daily basis to increase your success at work or in your business.


This is not an affiliate link, but I would suggest you read it, I know it will help you.


Now to my suggestion on making money now as you are writing your book.


Use a subscription model, you have already written a lot of your book and if it’s of the quality you say there will be no problem breaking it into sections that you can offer to the public at $7 to $9 a month to gain access.


Then as you continue to write add those sections for your subscribers to read. You’ll get a few positive results here.

  1. You have 1000 followers now if only 500 subscribed at $9 that’s $4500/mo.

  2. You’ll find out just how good your writing is and if the public like it or not

  3. You’ll have a ready-made fan base to buy the book upon you completing it


If you’re not sure about setting up a subscription platform I’d suggest reading – The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry by John Warrillow (Author)this is not an affiliate link.


Well, Tim, there you have my 2 cents of crappy content on your issue with making money freelance writing and by the way, I really like what you’re doing.


You’ll make it because of the persistence and determination you have, so wake up and unleash the sleeping giant within you and become the CHAMPION WRITER you are meant to be.


All I have left to say is Smile Be Happy and start living and loving life to the fullest on your own terms. Happiness and success are in your hands!