Mind Over Matter One Universal Law You Must Know if You Want to Succeed

Mind over matter is simply the use of willpower to overcome obstacles. Sometimes the one thing stopping us from achieving our goals or pushing past struggles is our mind. Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.


As a freelancer, you’ll find out real soon you want to keep your side hustle at peak performance and productivity on the rise, it’ll take a little more than mind over matter to accomplish this though.


There are many universal laws that keep everything running like a finely tuned watch. Some of the better know that you learn in school and maybe at work like:

  • Law of Gravitation
  • Law of Physics
  • Law of Nature


Of course, these are just a few but what about the Law of Mind Over Matter?


Some would argue that this is just another name for the Law of Attraction brought to life by the movie The Secret several years back. If you noticed I said several years back because timewise LOA is new but Mind Over Matter has been around and taught for some 2500 years by ancient wisdom philosophers.


Plus, the acronym is MOM which I like a whole lot better than the commercialized LOA because it makes me fill more at home in my mind and that’s the whole purpose we’re here isn’t it? To be learning from MOM so we’ll find happiness and contentment in our lives.


So, I’ll stay with the old instead of the new if you don’t mind, seeing that most likely I’m a bit older than you are anyway.


It really doesn’t matter but just to make a point the other day I read an article written by a well-known LOA Guru who actually teaches if you just think positive thoughts with passion you’ll physically manifest these desires and he’ll show you how for $297.


The only issue here is if that’s all it takes the surface of our planet would be covered with TOYS because every kid in the world thinks positively with a tremendous amount of passion about the toys they want.


Just a thought, with all that being said let’s get to mind over matter


How many times in your side hustle endeavors or life, in general, have you come up with this fantastic idea to create positive results for everyone concerned, just to have someone make a negative sarcastic comment that pops your bubble and enthusiasm?


Too many I’m sure…


Well, you want to know a little secret? You just gave up your power!


Most of the misery, heartache, and terrible situations you find yourself in begging and hoping to get relief from are due to you giving away your God Given Happiness Powers.


When this happens you just gave away the right to be an integral contributing participant in this chaotic world around you called life.


The ironic part of this is the world and universe around you are very precise and orderly, there’s no confusion what so ever, other than what you yourself have created or allow.


Worrying About Other’s Opinions Cause Emotional Mind Chemicals To Destroy


There are two habits well known that are consistently causing the misery, frustrations, and unhappiness in your life. Oh, there are a whole lot more than just the two but these are the potent ones that cause the most damage.


It’s always a good thing to take what other people say into consideration, you never know when a nugget of gold will flash before your eyes that you can use, but to worry about what they think about you is a whole nother ballgame.


One in which you really don’t want to play especially if you’re confidence and self-esteem aren’t at an average or high level.


The problem here is they don’t have to be talking about you. Your mind or subconscious mind automatically perceives the situation before you have a chance to say a word, this is that mind over matter thing.


If it’s on the negative merry-go-round at the time, Bamm! worry, doubt, and fear chemicals are released in your brain. That’s all it takes to cause you to take everything being said personally.


After that, you might as well slip back to that corner in your comfort zone you’re so accustomed to and keep your mouth shut.


The point here is what others think about you really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things and what’s the kicker, they probably aren’t thinking about you anyway, are you really that important to them, they have enough to think about without adding you to the list of chaos.


But your mind has just been triggered to survivor mode perceiving all this confusion over what they think about you. I suggest learning how to start taking control of these emotions and you’ll be a lot happier in the long run.


When we are constantly worried about what others think about us we just stay in a downward spiral of negativity and that’s no place you want to be.


Stop Creating False Prerequisites


Instead of focusing on your true desires, you erect false structures in front of your desires and then feed your power to those structures as a delay tactic, most commonly known as procrastination.


Here are some typical scenarios of how people give away their power in different areas of their lives:



You want to be in love, have someone that loves you, spend cherished moments with, someone you can cuddle with on cold chilly days, and you can make love to.


But first you think about it and you decide you need to pump up to lose a few of the extra pounds you’re carrying, maybe change your diet as well, better yet save a few dollars, and buy a new wardrobe.


The basic pattern is that you decide something else must happen first before you can attract the relationship you truly desire. You just set up several roadblocks to accomplishing those desires.


Things that must happen before you pursue your true desire. This is well known as the flimsy excuse presented by your doubts, fears, low self-esteem, and confidences.


You carry this mind over matter pattern with you in your back pocket and pull it out like a credit card to use in every area of your life, career, and social life. Sadly, all your desires turn into fantasy visions like a mirage in the desert.


One moment you think you see it and the next moment, poof it’s gone.


Never was there in the first place, just a hyped-up wish.


Why Your Mind Creates False Prerequisites


Plain and simple, FEAR (the mind killer) …

… FEAR along with its sidekicks’ worry and doubt will stop you dead in your tracks!


That’s the main reason. We fear, worry, and doubt the consequences of our power which again is mind over matter or LOA at work. Sometimes we fear the responsibility that comes with power.


You may not feel ready to possess so much power. When you realize that you can manifest your desires quickly and definitively when you go after them directly, it’s a bit of a mind-boggling head trip.


Most believe desires and happiness in life are gained through external events and experiences encountered each day but neuroscience and research are proving this to be a far cry from reality.


What would you say if I told you that only 10% of your happiness is created by the external events that go on in your life …


… and 40% is created by your DNA or genes, and the other 50% of your happiness was created by your subconscious mind and the memories stored in its data banks?


Baloney you say, that’s how most would react, right?


I can sit here and talk about it all day long and you still may have a fog over eyes so, I’ve found a TED Talk Video (12 minutes) that give the best explanation I’ve heard in some time.


Click the video and I believe you’ll have a greater understanding of what I’m telling you here.


What Identity are you wearing today?


Here’s your tip for turning the tide in your life of uncertainty especially with that side hustle. When faced with a difficult task, challenge, or problem, shift into your happiness advantage mode.


Here’s your outline of situation resolve.

 First Calm Mind – Take 3 deep breathes focusing on how your chest rises as you inhale the surrounding air. Continue to focus as you exhale the air completely out of your lungs and be conscious of how your shoulders droop.


Repeat 3 times and your mind should have calmed if not repeat 3 more times or until you notice a calming effect of your thoughts.


Second Trigger a Happy Smile – Think of something that makes you smile. A person, place, thing, picture, or music. You can even put on a big ole fake smile on your face that will even work, your brain can’t distinguish between real and unreal anyway.


A smile triggers the neurotransmitters in your brain that release 3 happy chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin all at the same time which flood the brain.


What we want to take note of here is what brain reaction occurs when the dopamine is released. It has 2 functions, it makes you happier but also turns on all the learning centers in your brain, hello mind over matter.


So, smiling sets you up for positive progress and success.


Third Skill Domination – Remind yourself of the relevant skills you have rather than the ones you think are absent in your life.


No matter how irrelevant you may think these abilities and skills may be at the time, bring them to light in your mind’s eye anyway.


They’ll be processed in your learning centers to filter for relevance to the issue and apply as necessary.


Recall – Now begin focusing your attention on all the reasons you will succeed or resolve the issue rather than fail by recalling similar situations you’ve overcome in the past. Continue the recall until you have 2 or 3 examples firmly planted in your mind.


There you have it your Happiness Advantage Mode Mind Over Matter, research has shown that a specific and concerted focus on your strengths during a difficult task or problem produces the best positive results.


KEEP ON SMILING & Don’t Give Your Happiness Power Away!