I don’t post too much on FB, but I am feeling a bit stressed and uncertain (fear) after a meeting today and have the need to reach out for help!
To any of my former LVL II’s…. anyone (freelancers) interested in a few weeks of work in October??? Know you guys are stretch out as well but reach out to me if you think you could help!
This is an all too often occurrence in business today large and small.


When people get stressed that stress begins to create doubt, anxiety, and fear of one’s life no matter what the situation may be. That is unless you have a tool that will stop it dead in its tracks.


The best known time-tested proven method to stop stress, worry, anxiety, and fear on the spur of the moment in any given situation in life is to be present.

The Present Moment Quick Fixer-Upper Exercise


When you feel stressed, down and out just STOP and REFLECT on the present moment.


Focus your attention on something in front of you. Like a picture on your desk or a pot plant.


Focus on the leaves and the veins that run through them or if its a picture remember the wonderful moments that are attached to it.

My favorite is looking to the sky and picking a cloud and imagining what it looks like.


The other day I saw a cloud that looked to me as a ship sailing out of a harbor my thoughts were what’s its destination and who could be aboard this vessel.


This is one way to stop the stressful thoughts we all get, by focusing on something in the present that is right in front of you releases chemical in your brain that begins to calm you and give you a perspective you haven’t look at yet.


All you are doing is giving yourself the opportunity to see things the way they really are instead of basing them on past or future events.


So, be in the present moment and see what your world looks like from a calm collective viewpoint and most likely everything won’t appear so devastating, give it a try.


Focus on the present moment when stressed out. It works every time for a quick release of stress, anxiety, and fear!!!


You need to build a foundation so you don’t have to worry about these types of situation every day…

…your foundation builder







A freelance career will bring you face to face with every fear you’ve ever had: fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear that you’re not good enough. Fear is always part of the equation because freelance is a business of uncertainty. You overcome fear with the right stories: Bottom line, the stories you believe about yourself and your career win every time. Choose the right story, then take action. So, what story do you believe about yourself?


When navigating through the frightening unknown to freelance your career you’ll find all types of hideous creatures lurking behind every tree.



The most powerful one of all would be FEAR who attacks you from the inside. He slithers into your subconscious stirring up the most horrific scenarios that you can imagine, life or death and doesn’t let go until you challenge him with a proven deterrent.


So, how do you overcome this master of destruction long term? A wise choice would be to find a neutralizer you can count on and carry with you every step of the way.
The simplest of solutions are many times the most powerful…


There’s only one problem though sometimes a situation is so stressing you may need more inner power to overcome. “The Present Moment Quick Fixer-Upper” is for immediate relief but “The Person In The Mirror Exercise” is the foundation for overcoming fear the mind killer.


The Person In The Mirror Exercise  


Step 1: Stand in front of a mirror, nose a several inches away, relax, breathe focus on your chest rising and falling.


Step 2: Look into your eyes.  Helps if you focus on one.  Your left eye.  Don’t panic, it’s only you.  Relax.  Breathe slowly, naturally, until you develop a rhythm.


Step 3: Looking into your left eye, say, “I love myself.”
Whether you believe this at that moment or not isn’t important.
What’s important is you saying it to yourself, looking into your eyes, where there is no escape from the truth.
And ultimately, the truth is loving yourself.


Step 4: Repeat “I love myself” gently, pausing occasionally to watch your eyes.
When you’ve done this for a while and you feel like that’s enough for this session stop and smile.
Try to build up to five-minute sessions.


IMPORTANT: You want to say to yourself silently or out loud “I LOVE MYSELF” throughout the day and night as well to give strength to the exercise.


You’ve just communicated the truth to yourself in a deep, visceral way.  In a way, the mind cannot escape. It is hard to truly love if you don’t love yourself, first.


If anyone ever looked in your eyes, knowing that you loved them, this is what they saw.  Give yourself the same gift.


Now for a bonus, a video of Kama Ravikant the creator of the exercise.


The Person In The Mirror Exercise is not only great for overcoming stress, worries, and fear but builds confidence and your self-esteem in epic proportions.


There’s your 60-second Quest to Success Reflection