Your Words Have Creative Powers Make Your Declaration

Do you know your words have creative life-transforming powers?

For the short time, neuroscience has been around, say ten to twenty years, they have come up with some amazing results concerning our brain and mindset.

When you speak something, either good or bad, you give full-fledged life to what you are thinking and saying verbally.

Too many people say negative things all the time about themselves, about their families, and about their futures. Never realizing that all they’re doing is sentencing everyone and themselves to a death, or might as well be, all that comes from it is more of the same.

You may say things such as, “I’ll never be successful. This sickness will get the best of me. Business is so slow I don’t think I will make it. This job sucks and I’ll never get a promotion or raise. I’ll never be loved or find my soulmate, and with those kinds of declarations for your life you probably won’t.”

You forget who is in charge, the Universe does not meddle in affairs but will give you what you consistently request with emotions.

All it is you have created a habit of downing yourself instead of giving yourself power. You don’t realize all you’re doing is prophesying your future.

The Good Book says, “We will eat the fruit of our words,” and I’m sure it’s written in other spiritual religious writings.

That means you are getting exactly what you’ve been saying and asking for.

Here is the key; you’ve got to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go. You cannot talk defeat and expect to have victory.

You can’t talk lack and expect to have abundance. You will produce what you say. If you want to know what your life will be like five years from now, just start listening to what you are saying about yourself and the world around you.

With your words, you are either blessing your future or you are cursing your future.

That’s why you should never say, “I’m not a good parent. I’m unattractive. I’m unworthy. I can’t do anything right. I’ll probably get laid off. I’ll never fall in love”

No, those thoughts may come to your mind, but don’t make the mistake of verbalizing them. The moment you speak them out, you allow them to take root.

There have been plenty of times where I’ve thought something negative and I’m just about to say it, but I’ll catch myself and think, nope not going to say it.

I’ll zip it up. I’m not speaking defeat into my future.

I’m not speaking failure over my life.

I will turn it around and speak favor into my future.

I will declare, “I’m blessed. I’m strong. I’m healthy. This will be a great day.”

When you do that, you are blessing your future.

Here is a written Declaration (by Joel Osteen) I Declare to speak happiness and success into your present life as for your future.

Remember the definition Albert Einstein gave to INSANITY, “Doing the same thing over and over every day expecting different results.”

You never create change in your life, then your life will never change. If you’re miserable today, you’ll be in the same misery tomorrow until you take responsibility and control of your life and change something.

#5 MUST DO: The Creative Power of Your Thoughts & Verbal Words…

Your daily declaration to create power in your day…

Make this final declaration with me:

“I declare I walk in the blessing of almighty God.

I am filled with wisdom. I make good choices. I have clear direction.

“I declare I am blessed with creativity, with good ideas, with courage, with strength, with ability.

“I declare I am blessed with good health, a good family, good friends, and a long life. “I declare I am blessed with promotion, with success, with an obedient heart, and with a positive outlook.

“I declare whatever I put my hands to will prosper and succeed. I will be blessed in the city and blessed in the field. I will be blessed when I go in and when I go out.

“I declare I will lend and not borrow, and I will be above and not beneath.

“I declare right now that every negative word, every curse that has ever been spoken over me, is broken in the name of Jesus.

“I declare the negative things that have been in my family even for generations will no longer have any effect on me.

“I declare that from this day forward I will experience a new sense of freedom, a new happiness, and a new fulfillment.

“I declare I am blessed!”

I believe in the spiritual realm things have been set into motion.

Curses have been broken and blessings are on their way. – Osteen, Joel. I Declare

Start expecting good things. Learn to speak these words of blessing over yourself, your children, your finances, your health, and your future on a regular basis.

If you’ll use your words to declare victory and not defeat you’ll see God and the Universe do amazing things, and I believe you’ll living and loving life to the fullest on your own terms.

Start living the abundant, overcoming, faith-filled life, today!