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Yes! We’re so excited you’re interested in booking one of our trucks for your event or special occasion. To get things started, please fill out the form below so that we can better assist you. Please note that our trucks are available for both PUBLIC and PRIVATE events.

Public Events

The public has complete access to our food truck to make purchases.
(No Minimum Guarantee Required) 

Private Events

The public does not have complete access to our food truck to make purchases.
(Minimum Guarantee Required)

** This form needs to be completed and received at least 2 WEEKS prior to your event date **

Once you have completed this form, the Happi Pappi® team will review your request and check to see if it works with our schedule of events. We will contact the POC via email with any questions and if possible, confirm our availability. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee your booking. Thank you!

NOTE – FOR NEIGHBORHOOD BOOKINGS: The Neighborhood POC is advised to create a Facebook event for any of our neighborhood visits. Then to follow up with Happi Pappi® within 5 days of event to share level of interest in event, in order to ensure minimum will be met. This is also so that we can determine our amount of support staff for the event to ensure quality service.